I have always loved books depicting and building an immense, fantastical world with incredible characters. I mean, this is precisely what fiction is about. Such books become even more magical and meaningful once the author throws in real-life historical touch and flare.

But they are even more stimulating and fascinating with a supernatural aspect. Who doesn’t soak up the supernatural? It simply creates the magic opportunity to evade daily life.

This year, great supernatural historical fiction books have come out, and I couldn’t resist the urge to check out a number. Below are my personal favorites.

What Are The Top Supernatural Historical Books?

Blood Brothers: Born of the Blood, by Paul-Antonio Azar (2023)

I loved this family tale and depiction of what humanity means. You will enjoy this book if you fancy a humorous read and one with a romance sprinkle. Be the judge of the ties that can emerge when family, duty, magical realism, revenge, and ambition are intertwined.

Radu and Vladimir Tepes are the first historical vampires mutated and brought closer to mortal fate and constant pitting against each other by the lords. They first fight for a throne that neither can keep then decapitation and failure mark their deadly end. But in death, the two brothers are reunited by a supernatural difference.

Almost a hundred years later, the two are in the Romanian countryside, seeking peace and leading ‘simple lifestyles’ as monster hunters.

However, a rift between the two brothers ignites when Vladimir finds out that he can mutate other beings into vampires, growing his lust for power. His soul yearns for conquest, while Radu yearns for protest. As the two set intent on their paths, fighting for what each believes is right, they are at war again.

Victory City, by Salman Rushdie (2023)

Victory City is a brilliant and ancient tale of love, triumph, myth, and adventure. It is excellent if you enjoy fantasy reads featuring rapacious kings, global travelers, prophets of doom, and forces of fanaticism. The story is profound, and I enjoyed its scale and scope.

You will marvel at Rushdie’s complex imagination and intellect. How he writes about the past is also a way of reflecting on the present- a world we can make and, simultaneously, one we can remake.

A trivial battle between forgotten Southern Indian kingdoms is on in the fourteenth century, and Pampa Kampana has a divine encounter. She witnesses her mother’s death and, in her grief, encounters a goddess who grants her powers to become her vessel. These powers will be crucial in the rise of the ‘victory city’- Bisnaga.

Over centuries, Pampa’s life interweaves with Bisnaga and breeds a society where women are equal agents in patriarchy. But this is a tragic ruin as Bisnaga is becoming more complex with corrupt leaders. The city is falling into destruction, and Pampa is caught up in the middle.

Psyche and Eros, by Luna McNamara (2023)

Dazzle your senses as you explore what sacrifice, human hearts, soul trust, and being a hero truly means with this story. Luna has put together delicious tension and spellbinding prose to get you hooked.

Psyche and Eros is for you if you enjoy Greek mythology, but it will also appeal if you love adventure and a romantic read with star-crossed lovers, monsters, and gods.

Psyche, the Mycenae princess, gets caught up in a prophecy claiming she will overthrow a greatly-feared monster. She rebels against her society and masters blade and bow as she prepares to meet her destiny.

When she upsets Aphrodite, the love goddess, she sends the god of desire, Eros, with a cruel curse. But Eros doesn’t want to be caught up in the chaos or mortality because humanity twisted his gifts. After pricking himself with an arrow aimed at Psyche, he becomes doomed to long for a woman torn from him.

Fate throws these two together, and they face unimaginable challenges. The Trojan War is on, and divine powers are trying to keep them apart. They must discover whether the curse is something bigger before time runs out.

The Blackthorn Queen, by Melanie Karsak (2023)

The Blackthorn Queen takes you on a journey into the second Roman invasion in northern Celtic Britain. I enjoyed the intrigue in this story and found the characters well-written and the world-building excellently curated. Melanie’s lush storytelling is a delight; the historical perspective will not disappoint or overwhelm you.

I recommend grabbing this read if you love mystery or enjoy drama and mysticism. It will be a superb read to help you see that love and unexpected joy can also be found within loss and deception.

Princess Cartimanua faces an uncertain future as her father’s death stirs turmoil. The Crow People are being suspected, and a strain on the fragile peace between the Brigantes and Votadini tribes is creating a grudge.

As entangled political games unfold, Prince Cormag from the Votadini tribe shows undesirable attention toward the princess. This shakes the alliance between the Brigantes and Carvetti. Everything now seems risky, and Cartimanua finds herself in the middle of disunited loyalties. Her tribe is at stake, and she must learn how to get around the fickle waters of love, magic, politics, and duty.

The London Séance, by Sarah Penner (2023)

Expect to find diversionary entertainment in this read. You will love the twist and love that is centered around Victorian-era spiritualism. This book is for you if you enjoy the spooky side of things, whodunit murder mysteries, and women's power.

I particularly enjoyed how Sarah blurs the truth and illusion lines and the reflection on how loved

ones would give up all disbelief to communicate with the dead. The tension is crackling, but the ambiance Sarah creates is lavishing.

Dive into the 1873 Paris outskirts where Vaudeline D’Allaire can speak to the dead and ascertain who killed them. But investigators and grieving widows want her skills.

Meanwhile, Lenna Wickes is in Paris, looking for answers surrounding her sister’s death. To do this, she must embrace the unknown and conquer her skepticism toward the occult and the afterlife.

The London Séance seeks Vaudeline's help to investigate and solve a highly profiled murder, and Lenna accompanies her. They work together with London’s powerful men while battling extreme danger and begin suspecting they are not out to solve a crime but are probably entangled in one.

Final words on Supernatural Historical Books

Time and place should prevent you from entering a fantastical and exciting world. That is just what the books on this list will do. With a touch of elements to get you out of the rules of the actual world, they will deeply fascinate you and pump your adrenaline as you learn several historical and geographical matters.

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