The Truth About Understanding Yourself, Life, Enlightenment, and the Mechanics of the Laws of the Universe. Your Manual for Life.

A spiritual book based on a unique channeling story that brings complete life transformation with acceptance, ego understanding, power of expressing self, transforming life burnout, and explaining life with amazing Universe Law's description.

A unique book to help you navigate your decisions in life and understanding of Universe Laws, which are behind everything.

It is all because of the very “special” interview that I was blessed to be a part of and, later on, the chance I had to implement the teachings that came out of it in my own life. My friend was found to have a powerful channeling gift that led to him connecting with Michael, a friend from the other world, who decided to share amazing insights on leading an enlightened, happier life – more connected with the Universe.

Ego’s job is to focus on taking, and not allow the giving. When you focus on taking, it is ego always. An enlightened state is giving

If you do the cause, it will summon the effect (action).
If you do the effect, it will summon the cause -> drive (manifestation)

Being yourself is a big part of keeping your natural state of being and happiness. Being yourself is nothing more than doing what you chose for yourself to do that would bring you the most happiness.

Allowance and acceptance of reality and everything around you is also a big part of a great state of being. Acceptance is also part of being yourself, and it means that you allow the flow of anything, and you just live with this flow, the flow of your real self.”

During those months of conversations with Michael, I asked questions and he shared information on topics such as:

  • the meaning of life,
  • how to lead a happy life,
  • dealing with a crisis,
  • connecting with other people,
  • what it means to be enlightened,
  • what it means to be your “real” self,
  • the nature of acceptance in life being one of the most life-altering concepts,
  • issues with current society models,
  • how ego operates in us,
  • mind beliefs and their impact,
  • what being in the moment really is,

and finally, we were shared the Universe Laws, which have their own big part in the book, as they describe the fundamental nature and principles of how our life works.

It relates to all of us in some way as all of it consists of very universal truths that adopted can change life for the better on many levels. It is a lot, but this book is something special. A true manual to help us navigate through life.

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Excerpt from Unilight.Me © Copyright 2023 Igor Orlicki

[Conscious identity]

The sum of your conscious interpretations, decisions, and observations of how you think you should act and be is your own personally created self-image, which is a containment, a prison for your natural state of being and the natural you. As the lower mind and conscious part of you in physical reality, it can only perceive one thing at a time. It only gathers a few understandings and interpretations from the external world and may fall into a thought trap, understanding trap, belief trap, which is: “I should be like that”, which ultimately replaces or stacks on top of your true, emotional, expressive self.

There are 2 kinds of choices:

  • Conscious choices
  • Vibrational alignment choices

In physical reality, the illusion that conscious choices are more representative of the true nature of how decisions should be made, based on logical thinking and a basis rooted in circumstances of the external is an easy trap to fall into. The sheer fact that consciousness itself, on its own, does not possess the information of how everything is, and it can interpret, means that it can create illusions and lies for itself to believe in as it can create, from the true natural self, a misinterpreted version of how you think you should be and act. The true choices that shape who you are were made from the higher perspective, not made from interpretations but CHOICE itself. Thought manifestations, karmic feedback, your choice of your family before life, the sum of your decisions and choices + your state of being are what truly shape your reality. The natural true you weren't chosen by conscious decisions. You have a natural, true alignment with what you really are, and that represents the true you and your expression of self. You cannot consciously choose who you are, what you like or prefer, you can only choose FROM who you   are   and   what   you   like   and prefer. “Who you are” chooses in what form you can present yourself to other beings that are expressing themselves back to you. The real choice of what you are was made before you could even consciously choose what you think you are supposed to be. So now your conscious choice should be to follow your own previous choice and to select from things you prefer. The natural you is a part of the divine oneness with creation and is a naturally born new perspective, a new shed of light on creation itself, chosen to be in a place of division for a certain kind of new unique experience for it to evolve, grow and expand the form and shape of the part of the creation itself for the creation itself. The natural you is a flexible adaptation to what you prefer and enjoy from infinity. The natural you is a part of the divine harmony, an orchestration of roles and positions of beings in creation. What you enjoy and your emotions are the signals and signs for your position and role in creation. The things that bring you joy and happiness in your life bring you joy and happiness because they are your role and position in creation. That is your choice you made for yourself to be. That is you. The things that feel negative are the interpretations of the divine and signals that it wasn't the part you chose in your big perspective decision you made when you agreed to live your life. When you agreed to live your life, you knew that the world you will live in is a perfect orchestration of things you choose to have by conscious decisions and that the world works perfectly fine. The only problems with control and wanting for the world to work differently than it does originate from interpretations, if not yours, then made by the ones you agreed to interact with in the world  you selected. The worlds work on a system of Perfect Harmony and orchestration of everything joyful, but you always, as a free will, fully-loved being, have a choice of interpreting Perfect Harmony. By interpretation (where interpreting means you can think up any lie/interpretation for yourself to believe in), you can disturb and resist the perfect flow of the river of life, which is Perfect Harmony. Accepting your true natural self, being joyful about showing and expressing what you love to do, being joyful about the things you desire, and taking action in alignment with the desires towards them is the  true  answer,  natural  answer,  and  default positive answer. Accept how the world works because from a lower mind conscious decision, you won't change how it works. From a higher perspective decision, you agreed to live this life in this world, so you already accepted Perfect Harmony that always works for the benefit of you getting the things you love the most. You just have to align to it, understand from the lower mind how the world you agreed to live in works and choose with thoughts, feelings and actions from what you prefer and love to allow perfect orchestration and harmony to give these things to you. Align yourself to your true natural state of being, true you, and you will live your life fully, completely, perfectly, as you fully can in this world you accepted and chose to experience. Let yourself be you, love yourself, express yourself, and the world will love you as well.

[Ego as part of you]

You don’t accept ego as part of you, this is a way of separation. It actually makes the ego triple strong. The energy of destruction sent to ego feeds the ego.

Don’t mask the destructive energy. Feel whatever you are feeling, but do it in a constructive way.

Turn every energy into a constructive way, into some passion. Be your ego, it is a part of you. You are living in an illusion if you don’t believe it. Accept ego, accept it in you. Yet yield (equip) and feed it with positive energy and vibration.

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