How to Apply Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science to Life’s Choices and Challenges

A gritty and compelling narrative non-fiction book that expertly combines the lessons of modern behavioral science with the ancient wisdom of Stoic philosophy.

Retracing the story of Devin, a corporate professional who finds himself the victim of a sudden and undeserved termination, this book follows his gruelling bucket list adventure to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, along with the profound insights he uncovers from his trekking guide and mentor.

As an antidote to the fear, pain, and uncertainty of modern life’s challenges, Uphill distils timeless wisdom, revealing how Stoicism provides deeply practical tools for professionals in the modern day.

Artfully written with flowing prose and larger-than-life characters, Devin’s fascinating adventure to conquer Kilimanjaro frames insightful advice through an charming and exotic story, making it an essential read for anybody searching for a way to meet life’s challenges head-on.

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