War Torn Series Book 1

War Torn follows the story of Frances Meyer a young English-French violin virtuoso as she battles to survive the rigors and unspeakable horrors of WW2.

It is October 1942. Whilst trying to escape by boat from France to England with her ailing Jewish husband, Frances finds herself shipwrecked and alone in the Atlantic. She is rescued by a German U-boat setting out on patrol, commanded by Kapitan Kristian Mueller.

Frances must learn to come to terms with the death of her husband, and the dangerous and dreadful conditions on board a U-boat. The constant noise from the engines, the smell of diesel, cramped conditions, one toilet, not to mention fifty young men, all of whom are oozing testosterone.

Despite an initial dislike for one another, Frances and Mueller find that they cannot ignore the chemistry between them, and they embark upon a clandestine affair. This affair is quickly brought to an end when the U-boat returns to port and Frances is torn from the arms of her lover. She is arrested by the SS, and interned in Drancy holding camp, where she befriends a young Jewish woman who teaches her the art of survival. When they are later sent to Auschwitz, Frances finds that surviving a death camp is virtually impossible, and even more so when there are those from both sides who want you dead.

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