The Psychopathology of Modernity

A personal message from the author:

Is the West really the best?

In a world rife with such liberating opportunity, people do seem rather upset. Why is this? Well, where European, North American, and Oceanic states successfully tend to people's physiological needs, they equally neglect the psychological well-being of their oh-so privileged citizenries. Truthfully, contemporary Western culture actively functions to perpetuate segregation, social inequality, and an ultimate sense of collective sadness. Albeit, not in the ways that you might think…

— Ashley Dymond

Western Sadness: The Psychopathology of Modernity is an informative book on both sociology and psychology, whereby the author, Ashley Dymond, provides readers with informed opinions on psychopathology in modern Western society to help them understand the deep-rooted origins of the evergrowing levels of sadness that plague the First-World. All in all, the text analyses the collective implications that Western societal cultures have on the psychological well-being of their citizenry by delving into the details of everyday systems such as social media, healthcare, criminal justice, education, occupations, personal relationships, and religion, amongst others.

Readers can expect to explore the genuine stigma surrounding mental health today, to realize the exasperating enigmas of psychopathology, and to unravel the mysticism of the Western mind.

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