Widow's pain in the world of Crime Book 1

She’s a grieving widow blinded by love. He’s a classy gentleman with a horrific secret.

Heartbroken and left reeling after the sudden death of her husband, Karin Spree is left with an emotional void and nobody to help her take care of her teenage daughter Joy.

But when she meets the tall, handsome gentleman Nick Black, Karin feels she’s finally found someone who understands her pain and truly cares about her. Blinded by her newfound love, she’s oblivious to Nick’s strange behaviors – he takes her to expensive restaurants well beyond her dreams, he comes home with bulk cash and hide it in containers, and for some reason Joy can’t stand him.

But as the evidence begins to mount, Karin is unable to ignore the warning signs… and she soon discovers Nick’s dark secret. She’s fallen in love with a criminal. After taking Joy to safety, Karin struggles to figure out how to escape from this relationship.

And when Nick learns she knows about his past, his façade of a caring, loving gentleman begins to shatter…

If you like gripping crime fiction packed with suspense and showcasing the dark world of criminals and their oppressive relationships, then you won’t want to miss Widow’s Eye of Fear.

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