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Unlock the power of manifestation with You Are The Way – your guide to realizing your deepest desires through the Law of Assumption by Neville Goddard!

If you're here, you're seeking more from life – more love, more happiness, more fulfillment. But wishes alone won't get you there. What you need are proven manifesting techniques.

Ever wondered why some have a “golden touch” while others face constant setbacks? If you're in the first category, congratulations! These techniques will elevate your manifestations. However, if you've been struggling and facing setbacks, you're not alone.

I once wondered why manifesting seemed elusive. I remembered moments when wishes came true, but it was all unconscious. The missing piece? Proper guidance.

Have you experienced this too? Reflect on where you are now – how much of it did your younger self wish for? We manifest constantly, often unconsciously, driven by fears instead of desires. To break these patterns, we must understand manifestation.

Neville Goddard, a Master of Manifestation, dissected the Law of Assumption and Hermetic Laws, achieving remarkable success for himself and countless students. This book, enriched by the experiences of David Locker, grandson of one of Neville's apprentices, offers techniques and instructions to harness your consciousness, mind power, and subconscious mind.

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Excerpt from You Are The Way © Copyright 2023 Fabio Mantegna, Neville Goddard and Elmer O. Locker Jr

Chapter 1 – The Way So Far

The book that you’re holding in your hands right now came to you in a variety of ways.

You can decide for yourself at the end of the book whether it is predetermined or just a coincidence that you found this book. I made the experience that there are no coincidences, and we were given the gift to determine our destiny ourselves.

Still, at the beginning of 2022, I was in a so-called life crisis. I had financial problems, was unhappy in my job, and love seemed miles away. I was a prisoner in my nightmare, lost in outer circumstances, until an inconspicuous experience significantly influenced my life and put me back on the right track. I was visiting a good friend. At the time, he had turned over nearly €1,000,000 when I had wagered almost €50,000 through cryptocurrencies myself. I assure you, I read extensively on this type of investment. The difference between us wasn’t in knowledge or application. But in feeling. To be precise, it was the attitude towards life!

It wasn’t the first time that I had encountered this. And as soon as it popped back into my conscious- ness, my renewed, deepened journey into manifesting began. I came across the Law of Assumption. In addition, my research led me to Elmer O. Locker Jr who was a so-called VIP member of Neville Goddard. His grandson David runs a YouTube channel that provides insights into these VIP meetings and has actively helped with the production of this book. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his immense contribution to this project. Without his help, you wouldn’t be reading these lines right now.

During puberty, I often unconsciously manifested things that outsiders would dismiss as a big coincidence. A vital experience was the manifestation of a lost love whom I had neither seen nor heard of for months. I was deadly unhappy about it, and due to this despair, one evening, I prayed to God – so sincerely, so intensely, and so soulfully as I had never prayed before. I begged God to bring back my love, unaware that I was praying to no one other than my- self. I can't remember exactly how long I stayed in this state. My Italian background possibly helped me to allow this intense feeling, this temperament within me, as there is nothing more important to us than love. After at least an hour I felt so exhausted that I fell into bed and deeply asleep right after. Not even an hour later, the incoming call of my lost love woke me up.

Since 2016, Neville had tried to bring his teachings on the Law of Assumption closer to me. However, I wasn’t in the right state of consciousness to accept them at that point. When I read his name, I didn’t feel any resonance with him, and so I never thought about him nor his lessons. But that changed completely. Fortunately. The topic of manifestation reoccurred most recently and very practically in 2019. At that time, I came across a group that was just starting up and teaching excellent, deep information about life and manifestation. Today, I know that most of the information taught was based on Neville Goddard's theories.

Possessed of a self-educated and uncommonly sharp intellect, Neville espoused a spiritual vision that was bold and total: Everything you see and experience, including other people, is the result of your own thoughts and emotional states. Each of us dreams into existence an infinitude of realities and outcomes. When you realize this, Neville taught, you will discover yourself to be a slumbering branch of the Creator clothed in human form, and at the helm of limitless possibilities.

I have been dealing with the subject of spirituality since my childhood, be it religions like Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism or profound spiritual insights from the most different non-religious teachers of our and past times. I always had a deep relation to inner spiritual truths and theories since the beginning of my existence. This was one of the reasons why I was able to comprehend Neville’s teachings deeply and quickly. It’s important to know that he was interested in more than just manifesting. He wanted these profound mechanisms of our existence to be understood and applied consciously again.

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