The Thoughts and Feelings Book 2

A personal message from the author:

I attempt to write ‘Fiction with Purpose' – fun little stories that you can choose to read purely for entertainment, or for deeper thinking and personal growth if you so desire. I am a busy Mum who knows that we all need to use our time wisely! So I would love my books to not only entertain you, but to also have a point, something that you can get out of them, a purpose for existing.

— Marley Betts

What's a Viggy? She is one of those natural life doers and go-getters. Viggy is a confident woman, comfortable in her own skin, someone who loves being outdoors, someone who is authentically and unapologetically her own brand of self. Yep, one of those people. Viggy can spend time with others without feeling self-conscious or overthinking. She is a good friend for whom conversation flows naturally. Other women want to spend time with her. They seek her out. Viggy is one of the ‘Got It All Together' people.

You are not one of those people. You did seek her out. She was easy to spend time with. Maybe you could learn from her.

Over time, you learn Viggy’s story. You are reminded that Viggy has problems, just like the rest of us, but there is something special about the way that she handles them. When faced with the dangerous actions of a loved one, when feeling out of her depth, when feeling lost and angry, and even when fearing for her own safety, through all of that, you can see some of the reasons why she gets through life the way that she does.


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