Nothing compares to a good dragon story – a bit of imagination, a creature that no one has ever seen in real life and a magical story that can entice any kid out there. But then, how do you choose a book that will not bore your little one? You will find several juvenile fictions, children's books and some YA novels in the list, so here are the most exciting dragon books for the younger generations.

The Untold Stories Of A Water Dragon, by Carmen Cardashian

Age recommendation: 7-11

This is the first book in a series that follows Nesy the water dragon's life. Nesy lost her parents when a great tornado swept away half of her home loch and its inhabitants. The book follows her story as she makes friends with the animals on a nearby farm, who visit the loch every morning to quench their thirst. Every new interaction comes with a new captivating adventure and a bit more knowledge for Nesy, as she discovers about life on land, the great tornado and even gets to meet Santa Claus. The book also conveys life morals and all in all, it is an excellent story for kids and adults.

Dragons Love Tacos, by Adam Rubin

Age recommendation: 3-6

This is one of the most delicious dragon books for kids out there. In fact, it is so funny that chances are it will make a good Sunday read for adults as well. The story is pretty straightforward – dragons love tacos, any type of tacos. If you want to make a dragon happy, you need to have lots of tacos. But tacos also bring in salsa and dragons go a bit funny when they accidentally have spicy salsa. Get ready for trouble.

The Paper Bag Princess, by Robert Munsch

Age recommendation: 4-7

This story is fairly simple – you have a classic princess who saves an unusual prince. The truth is a bit different though. There are characters coming from broken homes or disturbed families, while the prince's behavior is not always grateful. However, the prince is quite unusual – it is actually a dragon. While the book can teach a lesson or two, you will have to explain a few things to your kid.

King Jack And The Dragon, by Peter Bently

Age recommendation: 3-5

The story follows King Jack, a few knights and a big dragon. It is a positive story that teaches friendship and loyalty. The adventure has a few unusual plot twists that will blow every kid's mind. It might be a good idea to let your little one read it, as it also features some great illustrations from award-winning artists.

No Such Thing As A Dragon, by Jack Kent

Age recommendation: 3-6

This story is a classic. Brought to life in 1975, it follows Billy Bixbee's story. He finds a little dragon in his bedroom, so he goes straight to his mother to let her know. She says that there is no such thing as a dragon. Whenever someone says it, the dragon goes a bit bigger. He keeps growing and growing until he is bigger than the actual house. This is when the fun begins – the book also features a few good illustrations to entice kids.

Dragon Daughter, by Liz Flanagan

Age recommendation: 7-16

The island of Arcosi has a rich past, as it used to be inhabited by dragons. They used to rule the surroundings and not just the skies. These days, they are just legends. Servant Milla gets hooked in an adventure after she witnesses a murder, so she ends up caring for the last four dragon eggs out there. The island is under pressure after the murder and the ruler Duke Olvar does not seem to care too much. Can Milla keep the eggs safe until they hatch? Only one way to find out…

Dragon Rider, by Cornelia Funke

Age recommendation: 3-6

Dragon Rider is incredibly long, so it will keep kids hooked in for weeks. The story is about a young dragon named Firedrake. The dragon ends up on a difficult quest to locate the Rim of Heaven. This is where all dragons end up at some point. The dragon has a few friends – Ben, an actual human, and Sorrel, a brownie girl. The journey turns out to be extremely dangerous, and lots of foes try to prevent the close group from completing the mission. Will they succeed?

Dragonsong, by Anne McCaffrey

Age recommendation: 7-14

There are more books in this classic collection. While quite old, it brings in a fantasy story that no kid can resist to. Every few centuries, Pern is exposed to some sort of meteor rain. Dragons of Pern must defend the planet by flaming fire to destroy the invaders. The story follows Menolly, who has even more problems to deal with after her father disappointed her. She had to run away, so the befriends some fire lizards to follow her dream. One thing leads to another and she ends up leading the dragons to keep the planet safe for further generations.

Dragon's Milk, by Susan Fletcher

Age recommendation: 7-14

Dragon's Milk follows Kaeldra's story. She knows what she has to do once she ends up with some baby dragons. She has to find the mother and get some of her milk in order to raise them and save her sister's life. However, the challenge is quite terrifying, but there are no other options. No one else can actually communicate with dragons. She begins a journey that puts her through a lot of adventure, dangers and unexpected connections. Will she actually succeed in this venture?

Have You Seen My Dragon?, by Steve Light

Age recommendation: 2-5

Steve Light has designed a perfect cityscape – great characters and the perfect scenario. The story follows a little boy who needs to find his dragon. He counts every object he sees – from people to hot dogs. As he travels around the city to find his dragon, kids will discover a beautiful city with impressive icons and landmarks. All in all, the illustrations in this book make it stand out in the crowd. Furthermore, a bit of humour makes it excellent for kids – not suitable for teenagers though.

How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell

+1 How to Train Your Dragon, by Cressida Cowell

Age recommendation: 7-14

This is an evergreen story about Hiccup and a Night Fury's friendship. How they discovered a world that could be different and much more fun than the previous.

Bottom line, these are some of the best dragon books ever written, including classic fantasy and modern partly illustrated books. No matter how picky your little one might be, chances are you will find something suitable in this list.

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