Nothing is more intriguing and interesting that a bizarro book on a Sunday afternoon. The genre is relatively new when compared to others. Basically, it brings in some unusual surrealism, a bit of fiction, absurdism and grotesque elements in an entertaining way.

It sounds weird, but it is also appealing, as you never know what might happen. It can seriously trigger your imagination, yet you better go for the best bizarro books if you want a good experience. So, what are the best rated bizarro fiction books of the last years?

Hungry Bug, by Carlton Mellick III

Hungry Bug brings in magic, but it does it in an exciting way. It is not the Harry Potter kind of magic, but something designed for adults. Do not expect magic as an enchanting experience that saves the world, but as an element that will most likely destroy lives and destinies.

The book makes you picture a Sin City scenario. There is a bit of darkness, some fun and lots of noir feelings. To top all these up, the characters are beautifully described to help you immerse into this challenging world.

The Cannibals Of Candyland, by Carlton Mellick III

If you think Candyland is about that game you used to play as a kid, you might want to reconsider your idea. Go through this book and you will discover a brand new experience. At this level, cannibals have only one resource when it comes to food – you.

The book is quite easy, so there is not too much thinking to do about it. However, its weirdness is the aspect that fuels you all the way to the end. Chances are you will finish it in one sitting only – and just wait for the end!

Bigfoot Crank Stomp, by Erik Williams

Erik Williams has managed to achieve a different type of genre. While rated as one of the most popular bizarro books out there, Bigfoot Crank Stomp adopts a really weird style. You cannot really imagine some crazy creature being addicted to drugs, can you?

If you think about it, it does not sound so provoking, but it is. As you go through this book, you will get hooked in straight away. You will laugh at times, but you will also cry or feel disgusted just minutes later. It will simply take you through a lot of different states.

All You Can Eat, by Shane McKenzie

All You Can Eat will disgust you in a pleasant way. There are times when you will crave for the next chapter or scene, but there will be a few times when you will feel downright disgusted. Practically, the story follows a Chinese buffet that turns people into cannibals.

The story is fairly simple. Meals in this buffer are extremely addictive. When the food runs out, customers will do anything they can to satisfy their hunger. The theme is tight, while characters are extremely well developed – the main aspects to make this release one of the top rated bizarro fiction books out there.

Help! A Bear Is Eating Me!, by Mykle Hansen

Mykle Hansen's book shows everyone while the bizarro genre gains so much appreciation. You do not have to be a genius to understand the story of this book, as the title gives it all out. Simply put, you follow the story of a man who gets eaten by a bear.

Marv ends up being trapped under his SUV in the middle of nowhere – the Alaskan Forest. He starts reflecting on the situation and starts talking to himself, blaming everyone and everything for his situation and everyday problems. Except for himself! Until everything changes…

Arachnophile, by Betty Rocksteady

This book by Betty Rocksteady makes the bizarro genre feel real. It makes it realistic and it makes the impossible feel possible. The story follows Alex, who meets the girl living next to him. He is arachnophobic and guess what! His new friend just happens to be an actual spider.

Characters are well developed and you follow an intriguing story with three protagonists and some aspects that make no sense, but they feel real in one way or another. Plus, the ending is fascinating – no doubts about it!

Reincarnage, by Ryan Harding and Jason Taverner

Some of the best bizarro books out there come with a glimpse of horror and thriller stories as well. This one makes no exception either. It has everything this genre needs – horror happenings, strange characters and sci-fi scenarios.

Reincarnage messes with your brain and common sense a little, as you get to imagine things that would mean nothing in the real world. It is not the type of story that lets everything out – instead, you will need to use your imagination for the best parts.

Shatnerquake, by Jeff Burk

Shatnerquake has one of the best ideas ever as you go through one bizarro book after another. It is an original idea that will make the difference – chances are it will become a movie at some point or another too.

So, what do you get? You have the Shatner family and a lot of unusual characters that aim to kill someone who is already among them. It sounds weird, right? Get ready for it, as it will seriously challenge your common sense.

Ass Goblins Of Auschwitz, by Cameron Pierce

The Holocaust has been a grotesquely weird absurdity. In order to describe it, you can only do it in a grotesque and absurd way and Cameron Pierce has done a pretty good job at it. The book underlines the idea of anti-semitism as the movement keeps gaining popularity.

It is an intriguing book that can be offensive at times, but it describes the Holocaust in the best possible ways – no sense at all and plenty of brutality.


As a short final conclusion, these bizarro books will clearly mess you up a little, but they will also boost your imagination and help you perceive the world in a different way.

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