Easy-to-Read, Cheerful, and Loving Stories to Celebrate Life's Treasures (Large Print Edition)

Are you searching for the perfect gift to brighten the lives of your beloved elderly women and men? Look no further and dive into a treasure trove of 100 heartwarming, easy-to-read short stories that will whisk you away on a nostalgic journey! (All are written in Large Print making them easy to read!)

Yearning for the years gone by?

Seeking a way to keep your mind and soul engaged and entertained?

Longing to share stories with newfound friends?

Curious about the wisdom hidden within life’s simple moments?

Join us between the pages of 100 Heartwarming Short Stories for Seniors and rekindle the warmth of cherished memories and souls like a cup of tea on a chilly morning.

Within the pages of this enchanting collection, each story is a gateway to not just relive the past, find solace, and discover new horizons, but also an avenue for cognitive stimulation and memory enhancement.

Embrace life’s mysteries and find meaning in the most unexpected places through Life’s Hidden Gem. Feel your emotions tingle in Heartstrings, where love, compassion, and healing intertwine. Lessons From Experience will guide you through life’s challenges and loss with stories that illuminate paths to resilience and growth.

Flickering between cultures, Life-Giving Connections celebrates the warmth of community and the bonds that transcend time. Threads of diverse tales weave The Colorful Tapestry, showcasing the beauty of positivity and unity in our shared human experience.

And more! Here’s what else you’ll gain:

  • Nostalgia Rekindled: Relive fond memories through stories that mirror your life experiences, sparking emotions and joy.
  • Cognitive Stimulation: This book taps into both the heart and mind. Benefit from memory improvement strategies through bite-sized stories, enhancing memory recall and mental sharpness.
  • Shared Moments: Foster connections by sharing stories with friends, and family, or in heartwarming book club discussions.
  • Life Wisdom: Reflect on life’s lessons and find inspiration in characters who triumph over challenges.
  • Escape and Imagination: Embark on diverse adventures, from the heartwarming to the fantastical, igniting your imagination.

Plus, Irresistible Bonus materials only found here including Hand Drawn High-Quality Large Print Coloring Pages, Meditation book for Seniors, Gardening book for beginners waiting for you to uncover!

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senior women with 100 Heartwarming Short Stories

Excerpt from 100 Heartwarming Short Stories for Seniors © Copyright 2023 Feel Good Publishing

Down the Garden Path

At this time of day, the garden was enveloped in a misty glow as the sun began to set. Throughout the years, it had become much like a tradition for Daisy and her daughter to tend to the garden at this time, with a cool breeze filling the air instead of the treacherous heat.

Today’s activity was partly a leisurely stroll down memory lane as they remembered all the memories they had made here. Hooking her hand through her daughter’s arm, Daisy sighed and closed her eyes to soak in the sweet scents that filled the air. Glancing up at Petal, she beamed with excitement, anticipating the arrival of her first grandchild.

With two botanists for parents, the family tradition in Daisy’s household was to name every child after a flower or a botanic theme. Petal had happily indulged in this tradition, which is what led them down the garden path on this day, looking for some inspiration.

Daisy giggled happily under her breath. It did not seem like long ago when Petal was running around the garden, jumping in puddles. In a few short moments, she thought, I will have another little rascal jumping around in the puddles, too!

Dancing Queens

Moira followed Erica into the bright classroom. They were immediately drawn to the group of children huddled in the corner by the large mirror. Moira elbowed Erica.

“…yes, yes, I notice them.”

“They should mind themselves; we’re not that old!” Moira said.

Erica burst into giggles, which sounded like a deflating balloon. The children found this hilarious and began to chuckle alongside her.

A young girl with short wispy curls ran over, cleared her throat, and straightened up into a ballerina’s posture. “Hello, I’m Kim, are you our instructors for the day?”

Erica smiled. “I suppose you could call us inspectors.” “Inspectors?” both Moira and Kim exclaimed.

“Well, ballet has changed so much over time since we last danced, we’re here to take the class alongside you and make sure it’s up to par…” Erica explained.

“Alright everyone, places,” the instructor announced.

Erica shrugged. “Here we go! We’ve always had beginner’s luck anyway, remember that pottery class?”

Moira smiled. “You mean the way your vase spluttered all over the instructor’s face? He struggled to get it out of his hair, you know.”

The ladies laughed as they shuffled to stand in line in response to the instructor’s signal, in preparation for yet another afternoon of fun.

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