1. Learn the style from the biggest speakers

Tony Robbins about motivation

Steve Jobs about iPhone

Les Brown (voice) – Motivational video

More recommended speakers

  • (1) Rune Evensen,
  • (2) Dallin Larsen,
  • (3) Orrin Woodward,
  • (4) Bob Reina,
  • (5) Torsten Will,
  • (6) Kevin Abdulrahman,
  • (7) Vjeran Bronic,
  • (8) Orjan Saele,
  • (9) Holton Buggs,
  • (10) Sajeev Nair.

2. Practice, practice, practice

I never like to make a public speech, my hands starts to be sweaty, and I get really nervous before I even start speaking. At the university I started to held classes, for 15-30 people, and after some years (not month) I started to notice the following things:

  • I felt comfort during the class, even only if I was speaking
  • I started to have more quality classes, I could express my thoughts more effectively
  • However it does not changed my initial motivation to speak everyday as much as possible 🙂

But there are a lot of several ways how to train your public speaking abilities:

  • Tell a complete interesting story to your friends (you should learn that story very much), you should not talk about facebook, or movies, find some extraordinary topic
  • Dictate instead of writing things down, there are not so many people who uses dictation application on their mobile, but nowadays it is extremely easy way, to save your thoughts, that you normally forget after 10 minutes
  • Start public speech, you have something to tell to others? Tell them now!