The Total Newbies Guide to Understanding CBD Basics, Combating Pain Using it in Multiple Forms, & Finding a Better Quality of Life Apart From Opioid Use.

CBD… You've heard about it, you've read about it, you've seen advertisements selling it, and maybe you're asking yourself, is this real and can it help you?

If you are one of the 50 million Americans that the CDC says suffers from chronic pain, or one of the 20 million they say sufferers from high-impact chronic pain and you have little or no experience with CBD. This book is for you and only you.

If you suffer from other conditions like anxiety, depression, Alzheimer's, dementia, Crohn's disease, etc., this book will waste your time. It deals with one issue, pain.

7 Ways to Manage Pain With CBD gives you the power to take control over your pain management and be a smarter CBD consumer.

You will discover:

  • 7 different types of oral medications you can use.
  • 9 different types of beverages you can drink.
  • 15 different types of topical applications you can apply.

Pain Suffers Say goodbye to CBD confusion.

Now you can separate the good guys from the bad with your personal CBD oil/product buying “Checklist.”

Wondering what really works, what doesn't and what could actually hurt you? This book clears up the confusion once and for all.

Most books on CBD contain no scientific facts or evidence. There are 35 plus links to scientific facts, studies, and references that specifically focus on CBD and pain. They support every word in this book.

Here is what you will find inside:

  • What is CBD? Where does it come from? Why the crazy frenzy?
  • How much CBD should you be using and why you may not be taking enough.
  • Pain, what is it, what pain type are you?
  • Get CBD into your bloodstream super-fast. Bypass processing time of digestion and liver. Hint, it's not inhaled or put it under the tongue.
  • What about side effects? If you don't know them, are you putting your health at risk? Maybe CBD is not right for you.
  • Maybe you tried CBD and felt no relief. There are 4 reasons why CBD does not work.
  • Why you should stay away from any CBD manufacturers that use their own testing facility to make claims about their products.

You'll also learn:

THE TRUTH ABOUT SHIPPING ACROSS STATE LINES. Federally CBD can be transported to all states, including Alaska and Hawaii. But CBD is not legal in all 50 states. Find out which States prohibit CBD and prosecute offenders.
THE TRUTH ABOUT PRODUCT LABELING: Two-thirds of CBD products on the market today are mislabeled. It's done on purpose, meant to be misleading. Learn how to read and understand CBD product labels, so you don't get burned.

Beware of the Snake-Oil-Salesman parasites.
In the 1800s, salesmen traveled throughout the country with their horse and wagon selling all kinds of counterfeit medicinal potions as a supposed cure-all coining the phrase the “Snake-Oil-Salesman.”

Today, those same Snake-Oil-Salesman are selling Olive-Oil with a couple of pinches of CBD isolate. They get rich, you get suckered.

Not any more! Today all that changes.

What about the medical establishment?

  • What doctors really believe about the use of CBD.
  • What is the current condition of our medical community? Obama Care requires doctors and pharma to report all forms of remuneration. Are doctors being bribed to sell drugs? You be the judge.
  • Why does a retired cardiac surgeon declare: “The discovery of the endocannabinoid system is the single most important medical, scientific discovery ever.”

What you won't find inside 7 Way to Manage Pain With CBD:
Some authors use the content of their books specifically to promote their product line. There is absolutely nothing for sale in this book. Just information on how to effectively use CBD.

Personal message from the author:
“I hope, by reading 7 Ways to Manage Pain with CBD, that people can take control of their bodies and lives. Treating chronic pain doesn’t need to come with the possibly dire consequences of narcotics and debilitating side effects. When adequately managed, cannabidiol can easily mitigate chronic pain—even high impact pain.”
— David Schroeder


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