An Arab-American Historical Fiction Novel of Love, Family and Self-Discovery

A Lantern in the Shade is an epic historical fiction saga that draws on a blend of Middle Eastern cultures and poignant, dramatic prose to tell the story of an Arab immigrant family's quest for truth and honor –– offering a unique perspective that heralds the rich and vibrant history of the Middle East, while unveiling oppressive challenges some marginalized communities face in their day-to-day lives, including the struggles for women’s rights and LGBTQ acceptance.

Nour is a young Arab-American woman with a coming of age story desperate to be told –– she is faced with the impossible task of reconciling with her father’s heavily-guarded secrets and her mother’s deteriorating mental health.  She struggles to prevent her own dreams from falling by the wayside, as she fights to hold her family together.

Years later, Nour’s son Jacob takes a harrowing journey to the Arabian Peninsula, fraught with peril and wonder, to be closer to his family’s homeland — yearning to uncover lost details about his mother's life. Should Jacob succeed, he will finally achieve his life-long aspiration to honor his mother's dreams and shed light on their family’s deepest-held mysteries. But if he fails, he might just become a lost soul consumed by the sinking sands of the Arabian Desert . . .

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