The Blue of Torches Book 1

While on vacation at the London Olympics, Liam Shaw investigates the past of a troubled young man.

“You see, Liam, the real reason Danny and I asked you to come here is we need your help. We need you to help us keep Karis alive.”

When Liam Shaw arrives in London on the morning of the opening ceremony, he jumps into the spell-binding social world of the 2012 Olympics. Liam thinks he’s attending the games to support his high school friend, British diver Danny Litenn.

But then, out of the blue, Danny’s sister Heather asks for help with keeping a man named Karis Brindamoure alive. Suddenly, amidst sporting events of all sorts, Liam begins his new role as an unofficial bodyguard. With the assistance of a ghostly figure, Liam investigates Karis’s past, striving to unravel the mystery. Something is very wrong. But what could it be?

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