Viyon made his way gingerly across the yard to the front door, he has walked through this place a thousand times before and had the map of the house in his head. Running his hand along the wall; he located the light switch and flipped it, illuminating the sitting room. The light brought everything into perspective making the place look better.

Viyon is a young gifted boy who considers himself under-confident despite outperforming his peers by a significant margin. When life was going pretty well, he wasn’t happy, and suddenly, when things went south, his entirety became a question. This starts taking a huge toll on him; several clashes between his parents, unfortunate events forcing him to shift to one of the most brutal and dreadful schools in the country. This thrilling and captivating story follows the journey of Viyon trying to find himself and establish a part in life; in a world where the odds are unbalanced. The main objective for him—to learn to face his fears and doubts head-on so that they succeed in bringing out the star in him for the world to see.

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