The Bew White Story

Every ambitious young man and woman would do well to read this book; seasoned businessmen and women will recognize something of their own successes and failures in a life that has had as many ups and downs as a turbulent stock market; and wives will see their own husbands in these pages as well as their own frustrations with the men they love. We can only hope they possess the character of Bew’s wife, Wendy, whose own story leavens this loaf. Astute readers will deduce that she is the quiet, unassuming anchor that gives this narrative its heartbeat.”

This is classic Bew White. Funny. Unpredictable. Jarringly honest. He’s also abrupt, politically incorrect, amusing, forgiving, occasionally (and unintentionally) offensive, unexpectedly gracious, and a fundamentally decent human being.

This is not the story of a man’s straight-line success of going from rags to riches. As one of Bew’s friends observed, “Bew started life on third base.” Indeed, he did. Knowing more than most about his own ancestors, Bew White is descended from an aristocracy of sorts. Even so, his story is a zigzag. If he started on third, mistakes and misfortunes would send him back to second and first bases. Undaunted, he kept swinging and pursuing his own version of the American Dream.


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