Poems From Your Cat, A Funny Cat Book, and The Perfect Gift for Cat Lovers So You Know How to Talk to Your Cat About Feline … Your Cat Loves You

The Cats of The World Book 7

A delightful cat poetry book with funny verses and adorable black-and-white cat illustrations for all who adore cats and their adorable ways.

This book is a collection of cat-themed poetry by Seamus Mullarkey and the fictional cat poet, Professor Fuzzy McMittens. The poems explore the world from a feline perspective, providing insights into what cats might be thinking.

Accompanied by illustrations, this collection offers humor and relaxation. It's a suitable choice for those who enjoy cats and poetry.

The seventh book of The Cats of The World aims to spark engaging conversations among fellow cat lovers. The author, Seamus Mullarkey, has spent years studying the history and behavior of cats, contributing to the authenticity and charm of the work.

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