A single dad romance

A billionaire neighbor who avoids commitment, a one-night stand, a promise to walk away and an unexpected pregnancy! What could possibly go wrong?

I met Chase one day, by chance, when caught me in his arms to keep me from falling. Our attraction was instantaneous. We met again later that night and had the most amazing passionate night together. Though I have never had a one-night stand before, this felt so right. But Chase is determined to keep things casual and walks away.

Despite our mutual attraction, Chase is adamant that he is not ready for a serious relationship, so I decided to move on with my life. One surprise pregnancy, custody agreement and a heated battle later. Will he be willing to risk everything?

He says he has deep feelings for me, but is there really a chance this emotionally unavailable single dad will learn to love again? If so, will I really be happy with him? All that Chase has put me through, can I really trust him again?

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