The Butterfly Agency Series Book 1

There's a dangerous secret lurking just beneath the surface.

Zendae Saxe is a highly successful publicist. She’s good at her job and well-respected, taking on A-list celebrities, government officials, and millionnaire business tycoons like it’s her second nature.

She’s never refused a client, but when her boss asks her to take on chart topping R&B artist, Miki Day, she’s faced with a dilemma: she has a history with Miki, and he has his own history she’d rather keep at arm’s length.

But her boss is insistent, and Zendae has to wonder why. With the help of her best friend, Carter, an IT ninja, she sets about investigating what’s really going on.

A simple fact-finding mission soon unleashes a dark secret — a secret so heavy Zendae can’t keep it to herself.

Even if she finds a way to unload the secret anonymously, it seems like every move she makes opens a new and mysterious door.

Soon romance is creeping into Zendae’s life from a direction she’d never dreamed of… but the mystery isn’t over, and it seems like there’s a surprise looming around every corner.

Anonymous is a thrilling suspense novel steeped in romance and mystery. Delve into a dark world of secrets as Zendae uncovers the shocking details lurking just beneath the surface.


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