The True Adventure of Mark Daniels

A personal message from the author:

I wrote this book because for the last 10 years people kept telling me that my life should be a movie or that I should write a book. For me it didn't seem like much because I knew what happened and what was going to happen in the whole story but after I wrote the book and started to see it through the eyes of the readers. I understood why after a speaking engagement people would approach me in awe and amazement. For them it was exciting and adventurous as well as inspirational. It kept them on the edge of their seat so to speak because they did not know the outcome of my many adventures and suspenseful situations I had been in through the years.

I wrote the book with the intent to inspire people to never give up but to keep getting back up no matter how badly or how hopeless things seem to be at the time. I share my life an adventures in a very candid way that the readers can relate to their own life experiences and help them to keep moving forward during the difficult times that we all have here on this planet earth.

— Mark Edward Daniels

Jr. Mark Daniels has made some mistakes. Some would say he spent most of his life a failure. Mark would tell you, they’re not wrong. He was ten when he first got drunk. By seventeen, he’d bought a motorcycle and spent most of his time traveling from job to job and bar to bar across the U.S. He partied, abused every drug available, drank himself useless, and spent each night with a different woman. That was all before he turned twenty. Then things got worse…

This is the story of how Mark found himself at the bottom of a deep pit of guilt and despair, more than once, and how he pulled himself back out. A man’s life is full of struggles and bad decisions, and Mark’s has been both gut-wrenching and spiritually challenging. Don’t give up on him. By the end, you’ll discover that in the harshness of life, sometimes all a man has to do is get back up…just one more time.

“Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” — Henry Ford

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