Launch Your Software Engineering Career in under 6 months with Learning the Fundamentals of a Career in Software Engineering

Want to venture into software engineering, but don’t know where to begin?

Now that technology has made its way to all industries, knowing how to wield its power has become a must-have skill. Yet although tech based competencies are a necessity, most people still hesitate to develop their skills, intimidated by the amount of material available.

Software engineering is no exception. Many people think having a degree is an absolute must before you can become a software engineer. But that’s simply not true.

Kickstart your software engineering journey with How to Transition Into Software Engineering in under 6 Months!

Use this book as a guide for navigating the technicalities of software engineering. Tackle basic and advanced competencies in computer science and development.

Unlike overly complicated books, ours aim to help beginners new to the field and concepts of software engineering, while also supplementing the knowledge base of experts and professionals. With our help, you can build your arsenal and equip yourself with tools you’ll need for a career in software engineering— all under 6 months of time.

Combine theoretical concepts and hone your craft with the help of our book’s no-fuss and easy-to-understand approach. Learn how to solve problems, innovate solutions, and bring your skills up to industry standards.

In this book, you’ll encounter:

✅ Practical guides on how to manage clients, projects, and build your profile
✅ Methods to effectively showcase your skills and potential to future employers
✅ An in-depth guide on how to fast-track your future software engineering career—the right way
✅ Up-to-date collection and suggestions of printed and online resources


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