The flexitarian diet is often known as a semi-vegetarian diet. Practically, it is based on the vegetarian diet because it revolves around plants. However, those on this diet can have meat occasionally.

Here are some of the most important diet types for healthy lifestyle:

We also found the that next to Mediterranean diet it's one of the best for intermittent fasting. Flexitarian diet is not as strict as the vegetarian diet and it allows a healthy lifestyle with occasional treats for cravings. All in all, whether you want to find out more about it or you need some recipes, here are some of the best flexitarian diet books out there.

What Are The Top Flexitarian Diet Books?

The Flexitarian Diet, by Dawn Jackson Blatner

So, you want all the benefits associated with a vegetarian diet, but you cannot see yourself giving up meat. You want some extra energy and a healthier lifestyle. You want more immunity and perhaps the possibility to lose some weight. However, the vegetarian diet comes with some restrictions – some of them are alright, but others are impossible to bear with.

This is when the flexitarian diet kicks in. The author brings in a plethora of different plants that allow you to mix and match different meals and stick to the diet without feeling too restricted. It is a smart approach that provides quick meals and accessible plans. The approach is easy to follow and comes with step-by-step instructions.

The Flexitarian Cookbook, by Ryland Peters Small

This is one of the most approachable flexitarian diet books out there because it explains everything in small details, without any jargon terms. This book is for everyone and brings in a more flexible diet. It is mostly aimed at organic ingredients – the possibility to have more fresh and natural food without giving up your favorite meals.

The book features a bunch of delicious recipes, with a few options to bring in fish or meat – whichever you prefer. From warm curried lentil salads to crispy shrimps, it really makes no difference how picky you are. There is something for everyone in this book, as well as a few explanations regarding various concepts.

Modern Flexitarian, by D. K. Publishing

This book brings in a healthy and flexible approach – suitable for vegetarians and vegans, but also with a few recipes based on animal products for those who simply cannot give up their favorite foods. Ethical meals represent a modern trend, despite such diets being around for ages. The book makes it easier than ever to make the transition though.

Recipes go in more directions, based on your preferences. There are over 100 meal ideas – some of them meat free, others dairy free. You also have pictures for each dish, so you know precisely what you are supposed to achieve. Plus, there are recipes for different meals of the day too – dessert, snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The Flexitarian Diet Cookbook, by Ivy Hope

By nature, the human is omnivorous. However, people choose different diets as they grow up – mostly based on their preferences. A mixed diet is great and a vegetarian one can be even better. This book is for you if you are not ready to make a rigid change straight away. It begins with a brief introduction to the flexitarian diet and what it means.

Later on, you discover the benefits of this diet, as well as a multitude of different recipes. Obviously, most of them are vegetarian, but you will also find some meat-based alternatives for those occasional treats. The good news is that even the meat-based recipes are healthy and feature a bunch of veggies to support your new lifestyle.

Flexitarian Cookbook, by Bruce Ackerberg

The flexitarian diet is not all about finding vegetarian recipes and treating yourself to some meat every now and then. Instead, it promotes a healthier approach. Even when you do eat meat, you need to do it in a positive manner. Cook it in a healthy way and make sure there are plenty of veggies around your dish too.

The book begins with a brief introduction about the flexitarian diet and what it implies. You have a 20-day meal plan as well, so you can make a smooth and easy transition. Then, there are general recipes, as well as recipes for lunch or dinner. Believe it or not, even your desserts and snacks can follow the same rules.

The Flexitarian Diet, by Tim B. Rismo

This book goes in multiple directions and represents a good choice for those who want to make a switch, but find themselves unable to give up meat. The book will teach you how to lose weight by reducing the meat intake, focusing on protein and low-calorie meals. It starts with the benefits of this diet and what it can do for you.

As you keep reading, you will discover how to give up meat without really giving it up – the easy way without suffering. There are four major rules associated with this diet and they are all explained in the book, not to mention a plethora of different recipes. It is one of the most complete flexitarian diet books out there.

Mostly Plants, by Tracy Pollan, Dana Pollan, Lori Pollan and Corky Pollan

This book makes the flexitarian diet a piece of cake. It allows you to focus on mostly plants. A meat-based treat every now and then is also allowed, so you are not giving it up completely. But then, it sounds easy in theory. What does it actually mean when you need to get cooking? There are many families where people have different diets.

The idea is to find a middle choice. You can still have meat, but most of your meals will be plant-based. There is nothing to worry about – forget about having salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This book provides an easy and convenient approach to flexitarian diets and brings in some delicious meals that will surprise everyone in your family.

Flexitarian Diet for Beginners Cookbook, by Linda Lynn

The flexitarian diet is a great choice if you find the vegetarian one to be a bit too rigid. This book keeps things simple. Get ready to reap all the benefits associated with the vegetarian diet, but while still having meaty dishes every now and then – it is all about moderation. An occasional treat will not hurt you at all, especially if you cook it right.

As a flexitarian, you are not considered vegetarian or vegan. The moment you put animal products in your mouth, you can forget about these diets. However, you can still enjoy the benefits by having meat occasionally, rather than day by day. The book brings in a fresh approach on the flexitarian diet and provides some delicious recipes for beginners.

Flexitarian Diet, by Noah Jerris

Rated as one of the most diversified flexitarian diet books out there, this masterpiece brings in more than 60 different ideas for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. No matter what you are into, chances are you will find it there.

The book makes the flexitarian diet look extremely permissive. After all, your diet is what you make it. It can be rigid and restrictive, but you can also give up meat in an easy and convenient manner.

Eat Green, by Melissa Hemsley

This book brings in a delicious approach towards a healthier lifestyle with no meat – as well as an easy way to make the transition to the vegetarian or even vegan diet. It makes things easy by providing a smooth and easy approach.

To some people, this is a recipe book. To others, it is a detailed guide on how to shop and cook. Gain access to different meal plans and ideas – the transition is so smooth that you will not even notice that you are missing meat.

Everyday Flexitarian, by Nettie Cronish and Pat Crocker

This is one of the most flexible approaches to becoming flexitarian. The secret is in your capability to adapt. Basically, the book shows you how simple – yet delicious – recipes can be suitable for both vegetarian and meat-eaters.

The best part about it? You do not have to work more or go through extra trouble. More and more people hope to eat less meat, but most of them find it difficult – this book makes it simple and straightforward.

The VB6 Cookbook, by Mark Bittman

The book is based on the author’s successful diet plan – known as VB6. It brings in a multitude of recipes suitable for more diets – including vegans and vegetarians, as well as meat-based meals for flexitarians. They are created with nutritional needs in mind.

After all, the plan implies having your last meal before 6PM. If you are worried about getting hungry later in the evening, the recipes in this cookbook will make your cravings history.


Bottom line, these are some of the most effective flexitarian diet books in terms of making a smooth transition without feeling like you quit meat. Sure, meat is reduced to a minimum, but the delicious recipes in these books will most likely make you forget about it. No matter which one you choose, chances are you will turn to veggies in no time – be it for weight loss, a healthy lifestyle or just more energy. If you are looking for a different but similarly effective diet collection try the best Mediterranean diet cookbooks.

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