I have heard that children learn better and faster than adults. That may be true or not, based on various factors. But, for me, it is undeniable.

I have seen the importance of sowing the seeds of learning a new language early through my child. I introduced her to French through French children’s books, and now she can speak complete sentences. I come from an English and French bilingual family, and I felt that introducing her to French would be a great skill addition.

If you are like me and you are looking to teach your young one(s) French, you should try my book recommendations below.

The Magical Closet, by Morgan Dahrup-Andersson

In The Magical Closet, a little girl named Aline gets out of Arthur’s closet, which Arthur realizes is magical. But this girl does not speak the same language as Arthur. They two become friends and create many funny and bilingual adventures during their friendship.

You will need this book to teach children because it is enjoyable. Children love that. It is illustrated beautifully and has segments to help with pronunciation. Learning through stories is one of the best and most effective ways to teach a child.

Stories engage children rather than learning through some traditional bilingual teaching methods. Translations and bilingual dictionaries may work for adults, but children may find them more challenging to learn through.

Through this story, children will build familiarity and become more open to learning French. This book is also part of a series, and your child can go on a French learning journey. You know how children like reading books over and over, and through the constant repetition, they will even get better at French.

100 First Words for Toddlers, by Jayme Yannuzzi

Whether you are a teacher or a parent, you will find this book to be very helpful in teaching French to kids. It is an excellent book for all children with no French foundation, but the author targets those to expand their skills within three years.

All the words are written in English and French. That way, children can build their understanding of the two languages. They will also learn how they can communicate with others and express themselves effectively.

The book features a hundred first words, which are typically everyday words your child can relate to. Beautiful illustrations and artwork accompany them to engage the young ones. They are large and colorful, just the way children prefer them. A child’s attention will be incredibly captured.

As a bonus, the book has teaching tips to make the process more effective and help children remember the words easily. They will become more confident as readers.

The Fabulous Lost and Found and the Little French Mouse, by Mark Pallis

A tiny mouse finds himself in the Lost & Found. The problem is that the little mouse only speaks French. How can Mr. and Mrs. Frog know the thing he is missing?

This book aims to teach children between the ages of 2 and 7 French without feeling like it’s homework. The story is humorous, which is a way to ensure that laughter rewards subconscious learning.

It is told gently to introduce the young ones to fun and simple French phrases and more than forty words. As the story goes on, children will be able to work with all the characters to make learning easier naturally.

Children will learn French through a natural approach, and they will enjoy the beautiful and captivating illustrations. The character is relatable, and that will help foster a positive attitude and empathy. This will be a crucial part of laying the foundations for children to get acquainted with French for their lives.

The Three Little Pigs- Les Trois Petits Cochons, by Nathalie Goss

This book is a modern re-tell of The Three Little Pigs, a well-known and loveable story. It is a bilingual English and French tale that is meant to help children of all ages and with different reading abilities. It is perfect for school use and can also be used by parents and home educators.

The parallel text is in English and French, and the translations are done carefully to help children find the experience easy. The story is fun, which will make children always pick up this book.

The book is well designed, includes repetition, and also has a vocabulary that is easy to read. Little ones are also introduced to new words and are helped further with the beautiful illustrations done by a bilingual mom.

It has a bonus word search activity and an extra vocabulary sheet for children to consolidate the words they have come across.

French Conversation, by Collins Dictionaries

Dictionary publishing pioneers have put together French, and they delivered on this one. This book is what children need to learn French actively and stay engaged throughout the process. Learning has been made fun- the book is packed with colorful illustrations, and it also comes with activities that will help children put what they have learned into effect.

It also has provided teachers and parents with support and guidance on teaching better. There is a vast amount of ideas and information on how to use French contextually. That means children can learn from the very beginning.

This book has been carefully written to ensure that young ones develop excellent learning habits crucial for life. It features information about French culture, and it will help you support and teach children French confidently.

The Cat in the Hat in English and French, by Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss is a renowned and beloved author of children’s books, and he has made learning French fun in this book. If your child is a cat lover and enjoyed the original story, they will be happy when reading this book.

Some words vary from the English story, but that has only been done for the story to be befitting. The overall theme is the same. It is a perfect addition to teaching French beginners simply, and in a way they can converse.

As the title suggests, the book is written in English and French, and the texts are on every page. Children can put together the vocabulary and compare the two languages against each other. The repetition in the book makes it excellent for learning new words.

The story’s plot is also hilarious, and your child will keep going back to this book again and again. That is how they will become better and perfect all they are learning.

The book’s original artwork is excellent and what’s unique about this book is that there are French translations that rhyme.

French-English Picture Dictionary, by Catherine Bruzzone

French-English Picture Dictionary is a must-have if you want to help your child learn different English and French vocabulary. It has more than 350 words that children will find helpful.

They are arranged in an organized manner to address various topics, themes, and settings. There are words for school, house, sports, farm, street, beach, park, etc. There are also words for the body, family members, and groceries.

All the words are clearly written, and children will be able to know what is being referred to. Clear and bright illustrations also accompany them. Phonetic spellings for the French words are also given.

Every illustration has been translated, and every word has been given a simple pronunciation guide. The book also features additional pages that have numbers and colors.

At the end of the book, you will find English-French and French-English word lists that are arranged alphabetically.

First Phrases- French 1, by Lonely Planet Kids

First Phrases-French 1 will get you and the children speaking French in no time. This book is a straightforward and accessible guide perfect for every young learner. It has been put together to make navigation, learning, and understanding easy.

The book features different topics children will relate to and want to learn more about. You can find topics about greetings, school, how to describe family, favorite foods, hobbies, how to ask for directions, and more.

The French language has also been introduced in the book’s first section, and there are easy-to-follow phonetic pronunciation guides. All the words and phrases have been illustrated colorfully and boldly. That way, children can learn and digest the information in a fun way.

The book is of small size, and that makes it portable for children to every destination. Learning French will be continuous and attainable anywhere.

Final Thoughts

Learning a new language is magical and especially for kids. There is some confidence that comes with it. But it isn’t easy. French is top among the essential languages you can teach your children for current times and future.

The language is taught almost everywhere. It is an advantage for international job seekers, a language for travel and culture, and an excellent base if you want to learn other languages like Italian and Spanish.

Whether you are teaching a child in a class setting or a homeschooling parent, the children’s books in French in this list will make learning French easier.

If you as a parent is interesting in learning new languages check out our connecting language learning books.

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