​If you think about it, things that looked impossible a decade or two ago are the norm these days. Things you could read about in futuristic and science fiction books are not reality. How about an incursion about today's future then? How about some innovative ideas that will most likely become a reality in the future? All in all, here are some of the best futuristic books to trigger your imagination.

Our Lit, by Li Tchaikov

The action takes place about 125,000 years in the future. The story follows Golden Calderon, a local professor who aims for the throne of Terra Aurora. The whole environment is a completely magical world – a scientifically modified civilization where things are unusual and out of order. The civilization is set in the Sky Cliffs, a massive cylinder that covers 700 different floors. People are trapped and can never escape.

The past 2,000 years have been a real challenge for the inhabitants of Terra Aurora. The Red Endlai represents a different civilization based on monsters – they have an unusual relationship with pain. The more they create, the better they feel. These monsters have terrorized the Terra Aurora inhabitants for years and are not planning to stop too soon. But then, there is a prophecy that everyone is desperately waiting for.

​​Golden has more students, but one of them stands out in the crowd – Orange Jenta. The 17-year-old student is kidnapped by the monsters one day and this is when the prophecy begins. Golden knows that he is meant to lead the kingdom, yet he needs some help. He teams up with an unusual crew and some students before heading to war. As the battle proceeds, there are a bunch of plot twists that will keep you hooked in.

Conjunction, by A. D. Zoltan and Steven N. Nagy

This is the first book in a longer series and makes a good starting point, as you get to become familiar with the characters and learn more about their backgrounds. The action takes place somewhere in 2600s. The world is different from what you might imagine. The world's main superpowers are now history, as a mysterious genius referred to as Erin has managed to fool them. These days, there is an unusual world order dominating the planet.

The story moves on even further, to 3200. A new form of artificial technology developed since the appearence of Erin. Known as CIS – Central Intelligent System, this type of artificial technology (an ASI) aims to improve the planet and life overall. It aims to turn the Earth into a better place. The humankind has already managed to travel from one galaxy to another, so this new technology is designed to strengthen these features and provide a safer place for the inhabitants. But this society has also downsides, hence it is a technologically advanced humankind, they still have their egoistic games in their everydays. How could this society reach another level of consciesness?

The humanity starts a new mission to inhabit the four main planets in the system and push the civilization to another level. Keat is one of the people involved in these missions, and he has a lot of questions. He knows that getting involved will give him the answers he requires. However, this mission does not go according to the plan. In fact, the advanced humankind and the planet will be turned upside down without even having to deal with any enemies.

Proxima, by Stephen Baxter

Proxima is one of the best books about the future if you want to push your imagination to another level. The action takes place in the very far future. At this point, the age of star creation is history. There is nothing new coming up. There is one big place known as the Galaxy, but it is a wreck. There are a bunch of stars, chill suns, black holes and so on. Nothing seems to happen in this place, but there is something in there that can change everything.

Believe it or not, there is life there. There is something that feeds off the energy released by space remains and leftovers. There is also mind. There is a type of intelligence whose thoughts last for ages. These thoughts bring in memories associated with prolific civilizations that are now gone. In the 27th century, Proxima Centauri is the nearest star to the sun. It is a dwarf red star, but it cannot be properly observed. It is likely to host a world that humans can inhabit.

But then, Proxima IV – the current world – is different from Earth. It orbits in a different way and time acts strangely. How could the humankind live in such a world? There is only one way to find out. About 1,000 people are sent over to inhabit the new planet and Yuri Jones is one of them. A new world is about to get colonized, but it hosts some secrets. These secrets will change the whole purpose of the humankind in the universe.

Black from the Future, by Stephanie Andrea Allen

Black from the Future could be shocking at times. Other times, it brings in a different approach to life and may seem unclear. Then, there are moments when the reality looks too dark, but you know there is a chance it will happen at some point in the future. Stephanie Andrea Allen has shown her incredible skills with a collection of speculating stories. The shocking part is that many of them are realistic enough to convince you about the future.

The collection is mostly based on science fiction. It is one of the best futuristic books if you want something that feels like reading a documentary. Apart from science fiction, there is a lot of fantasy to entice the reader too. Then, you have some magical realism that is not to be overlooked either. Everything is written by black women and shows a different perspective over what the world might end up like.

Stories range widely in terms of moods and feelings. Some of them will give you a good vibe. Some others make a great atmosphere for a futuristic scenario. Others are fantastical. Then, you will most likely jump from certain emotions to others. It is a collection from more writers and it is well put together in the right order. Enjoy the sublime, experience the weird and boost your imagination with a different perspective.

The Quiet at the End of the World, by Lauren James

The Quiet at the End of the World tells a story from a series of different perspectives. It tells a story that will most likely move you from one emotion to another. It will give you something to think about before making you feel happy or sad. There is one question that takes the book to another level – what would you do to save the people you truly love?

A harsh virus causes the world to become infertile. Shen and Lowrie are the youngest people in the world. They are likely to become the last survivors on the planet. They are well looked after and only a tiny community of elders knows about them. They are kept safe in a hidden place in London. Obviously, their lives are boring, but a secret comes out and everything changes.

At this point, things go dangerous. Not only are Shen and Lowrie in danger of losing their lives, but the entire humanity is likely to become history. There is, however, one thing they can do in order to save the human race. What are they going to sacrifice?

Artemis, by Andy Weir

Artemis is an incredible story and one of the most addictive books about the future. Once you start it, you will turn one page after another until you finish it. It could be described as a thriller, but it also brings in some amazing science fiction and fantasy aspects – if you loved The Martian, you would fall in love with this story as well.

All in all, the story follows Jazz Bashara. She is often seen as a bad person because she is a criminal. She lives in a ghetto from Artemis. Jazz has a job – she is a porter, but it is obviously not enough. Therefore, she also gets involved with smuggling contraband onto the moon. While she definitely makes more than those around her, it is simply not enough.

Given her skills, Jazz is given an incredible opportunity to go rich overnight. She decides to take it. This is when the crime plan begins. It seems exciting and fun in the beginning, especially given the gravity on the moon. But as she reveals more details, she realizes that it can be extremely dangerous as well. Is she going to make it happen? Will she be able to escape Artemis?


Bottom line, these are some of the best futuristic books out there. Get access to a good story and some incredible characters. Discover things that might actually become a reality in the future. Let your imagination go wild and join the action in some science fiction stories that will hook you in. The list could go longer, but these recent releases are not to be overlooked.​

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