The environment is a big thing these days, and teaching children about it takes more than just pure education… Which is pretty boring, if you think about it.

You can’t just tell your little one to recycle and look after nature and animals. Instead, you have to do it with a fun story. Most of us learn that the hard way, but just put yourself into your kid’s shoes. Just remember how boring education was when you were a kid.

So said, so done… Green living books for children are better and more exciting. It’s one thing to read a story and underline the main lessons in it and a different thing to tell your kid to do this and that.

With these thoughts in mind, here are some of the best green living books for kids I’ve been through, my top recommendations.

What Are The Top Green Living Books For Children?

Ally & Bibi, by Dario Berrebi and Hannah Warsame (2023)

This is one of the best books out there because it defines a few good lessons, such as climate change and social justice. Featuring illustrations from Dmytro Bidnyak and Robert Hong, the book tells Ally’s story.

Ally receives Bibi for her birthday, but Bibi is a monkey. The two become good friends, and Ally understands that Bibi belongs to the jungle, so she decides to help her get back home. She’ll have to go through a series of dangers, not to mention making a few friends on the way.

The adventure takes place in a fictional world in Brazil and discusses some of the challenges our planet has to go through, as well as the solutions we have access to.

From Ally’s point of view, this is a story of friendship. For Bibi, it's about giving people second chances. For your kid, this is a story about the environment, people's needs, challenges, and what it takes to protect nature.

Hence this is the first book from Restless Stories, Ally & Bibi ‘s cute story proves that they truly care about the topic of sustainability.

King Charles, by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara (2023)

This book is part of the Little People, Big Dreams collection. And trust me when I say your little one has something to learn from each of them. The series is truly empowering and sends deep and solid messages to kids of all ages.

Anyway, this one, in particular, stands out because it releases in King Charles’ coronation year. It tells little Charles’ story. Sure, the son of Queen Elizabeth II was born to be a king, but he had a different passion apart from leading the United Kingdom.

He's also known for growing a passion for the environment. And he figured out many of the things we face today while he was young, even if no one really bothered about it.

To me, this book shows that dreams become a reality. It will encourage your kid to dream big and work for their dreams, not to mention defining a passion for the environment.

I’ll be honest with you… While written for kids, I found this book pretty interesting myself too. It’s educational for people of all ages.

I Am Oliver the Otter, by Pam Ayres (2023)

Pam Ayres’ masterpiece features illustrations by Nicola O’Byrne and tells an emotional and rhyming story regarding Oliver, a friendly otter who loves life as it is. Oliver enjoys being alone. He likes swimming and exploring local waterways. But one day, everything changes…

He meets Ottilie, a different otter, who has a completely unexpected attitude toward life.

Get ready for a stunning story full of surprises and unexpected situations… Each of them with a twist and an incredible lesson. There are lots of natural details we can all learn from and not just our children.

To top it all off, there’s an information page at the end with a few fun facts and details about otters. All in all, this book is for kids up to 8 years old, so it’s suitable for toddlers, those who can't read, and even kids who have already learned to read.

The Sloth and the Moth, by Clare Pickering (2023)

Featuring illustrations by Halle Jones, this is one of those books that will teach a few lessons, and they all revolve around the same thing. This book is about mutualism. It may sound a bit weird, but let me explain…

The story takes your little one deep in the jungle. No one goes there, but all sorts of wild animals, including a sloth, who spends one day after another hanging around and doing nothing. His life is nice and peaceful, but there has to be a plot twist… And it’s there!

A moth comes over, and everything changes. Now, let me explain mutualism a little… This book describes how two different organisms can live and work together in order to benefit from this relationship. It's a book about nature, organisms, and what it takes to accept people around you.

Everything is explained in a kid friendly context, so your little one will adore the book.

The Boy Who Saved a Bear, by Nizrana Farook (2023)

This book tells the story of a boy and a bear. The two meet and become good friends, and that's when the adventure of a lifetime begins. Boosting illustrations by David Dean, this book is packed with adventure and incredible stories taking place in Sri Lanka.

The story follows Nuwan. He works in a library, delivering books to customers. But one day, he finds a key hidden inside one of the books and accidentally takes it. The problem is a bunch of thieves are after the same key…

Trying to escape the danger, he hides in a cave. At first, he discovers a terrifying bear, but after a while, they realize they can understand each other and decide to flee danger together.

It sounds like an adventure book, but it’s a book about nature and acceptance. It is, indeed, an adventure, but that’s exactly what keeps children entertained and hooked in.

Final Thoughts on Green Living Books For Children

Booked in, these are some of the best green living books from the recent years. They tackle modern issues regarding nature and the environment, but they do it in a friendly and relaxing way.

These books are great tools for parents who want to introduce their children to the importance of protecting our planet and making eco-friendly choices. Not only do they provide an enjoyable reading experience for kids, but they also offer valuable lessons on the impact our actions can have on the environment.

Through engaging stories, relatable characters, and colorful illustrations, these books inspire children to become more conscious of their daily habits and to think critically about the world around them.

Overall, these green living books offer an excellent way for parents to foster a sense of environmental responsibility in their children, and they are sure to be enjoyed by young readers of all ages.

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