With a glowing career started in 1991 with A Handful of Heaven, Kristin Hannah has become one of the most notorious fiction authors in the world. With around 25 different standalone novels and a few omnibus releases, she has managed to gain a solid position in the fiction industry, pleasing her audience with novels based on intrigue, romance, darkness and incredible plot twists. Not sure what to start with? Here are some of the best Kristin Hannah books to trigger your imagination a little.

The Nightingale

This is probably Kristin Hannah's best rated release out there. The action begins in Carriveau – a small and quiet village where everyone knows everyone. Vianne must say goodbye to her husband who is about to join troops on the battlefield, finding it difficult to believe that Nazis are about to invade France. But they do and eventually they make it to Vianne's village too.

When a German captain asks for access to her house, she and her daughter must accept anything in order to survive. Danger is everyone and the two have no money or support. Vianne faces a series of challenges to keep her little one safe. The action moves on to Isabelle – Vianne's sister. While most men are heading to war, she meets Gaetan and falls in love with him.

Gaetan betrays her – left heartbroken she decides to join the Resistance. One plot unfolds after another. The author has managed to carefully craft a natural approach to the harsh realities of the war. Learn about love, family, persistence, goals and circumstance. Let your heart cry, but also experience moments of joy when things go the right way.

Firefly Lane

The action takes place in 1974 and follows the story of a few women who realize that life is not always sweet. Their life choices are both great and disastrous. Kate Mularkey is far from being popular. But soon enough, Tully Hart – the most popular girl in school – moves nearby and the two become best friends. They decide to remain best friends forever.

The two best friends spend more than three decades looking after each other. They experience love together, as well as jealousy and anger. They love each other, but they also hurt each other. Tully wants fame and success, while Kate only wants a family. However, life can hit when least expected and a bunch of unhappy circumstances ruins everything.

A simple act of betrayal ruins a friendship that seemed to last forever. Then, tragedy strikes and somehow, their friendship seems to grow again. It is hard to tell what kind of relationship they have, but the book will seriously give you some valuable lessons about life – never take anything for granted and get ready for anything.

The Great Alone

The Great Alone is one of the best Kristin Hannah books if you are after adventure and historical fiction. The action takes place in 1974, somewhere in Alaska. Ernt comes home from Vietnam and surprises everyone with how much he has changed. He finds it difficult to adapt and loses a few jobs before deciding to move to Alaska with his family and live off the grid.

Then, you get to know Leni. She is only 13 and she is confused by the stormy relationship her parents have. She wants something different and believes that a new land will change everything. She wants a nice place to feel like she belongs somewhere. Her mother is more obsessed with her husband and would follow him anywhere.

Alaska seems to be a great place, but this is where real demons came out of people. The family is torn apart and members learn a series of secrets about each other. At some point, Leni and her mother realize that no one is looking after them. They are by themselves and they must do anything they can to survive in the middle of nowhere.

The Four Winds

Kristin Hannah has touched a sensitive cord with this book. It shows how strong and powerful women can be, but it also describes the bond between family members like no other book. The action takes place in Texas, in the 1930s. Elsa Martinelli loves her life – she has everything she wants, from a lovely family to a natural farm in a beautiful area.

Drought threatens to ruin everything though. Facing a series of dangers, Elsa realizes that her husband has abandoned her. She is now about to make the most important decision of her life. She can fight and learn how to manage the land she loves, but she can also take her two kids and move to a better place for a different life.

The story underlines the incredible love a mother has for her children. It also shows how important female friendships are, not to mention the possibility to raise from ashes and learn how to love again. Elsa's life is a matter of hope, love and survival, as well as the wide variety of things a woman will do for what she truly loves.

Fly Away

Kristin Hannah has always drawn some attention with her historical fiction, but she also seems to have a thing for power and love in women. Fly Away is another masterpiece that gained lots of popularity among women. The author gets back to the character in Firefly Lane – which you should actually read first to get some hints about their connections.

Now, the story follows a simple question – how do you manage to keep moving when your world is falling apart? How do you manage to keep strong and get back on your feet? This book follows the story of three different women. They have no idea how to control their lives, but one thing is for sure – they do need each other, as well as a few miracles.

The book is deep and may feel complex at times, but it is relatively simple to navigate through. It helps you understand what love means, but it also teaches you more about loss, redemption and motherhood. The author has a simple message to transmit – if there is life, there is also hope.

Winter Garden

What could go wrong with a woman who has never met her mother? Could she ever find out who she truly is when her feminine role model is out of her life? This book aims to give you the answer in an emotional and appealing way. It follows the story of two sisters who are quite different – Nina and Meredith.

One of them starts a family and looks after her kids. The other one explores the world and becomes a journalist. They grab different paths in life, but their father brings them together when he falls ill. They have to rejoin their mother – Anya, who has always been cold and disapproving.

The only connection between the mother and her daughters was a fairytale from years ago. On the deathbed, their father asks to hear that story one more time – the whole story. This is how Nina and Meredith find out why their mother has always been so distant.

Night Road

This complex novel follows Jude's story – a loyal wife and loving mother who spends most of her time looking after her children. Her twins – Zach and Mia – are happily growing in a loving family. But everything changes when Lexi shows up out of nowhere.

Lexi used to be a foster child. She becomes Mia's best friend. Zach falls in love with her and the three spend most of their time together. Their last year in high school exposes them to a series of dangers though and the unexpected occurs.

An accident ruins Jude's world. All fingers are pointed at Lexi. Friendship falls apart and love turns into hate. Everyone has something to lose. Things change later on, as Lexi comes back into Jude's life as a grown woman.

Magic Hour

The Olympic National Forest is a rough place in the middle of nowhere. One day, a girl comes out of it. She cannot speak and she is alone. She has no clue who she is and no one knows what her story is – no hints whatsoever.

Retired child psychiatrist Julia decides to give this young girl a new life. She calls her Alice and meets her in the attempt to help her overcome isolation and fear. In order to get to her, she must discover the truth about her past though.

Relying on her sister, Julia discovers some fascinating – yet shocking – details from Alice's life. She discovers a life that no one could have ever imagined, but she also rediscovers herself.


In the end, these are some of the most touching, emotional and best Kristin Hannah books. While her portfolio carries way more titles, these books will take you through some journeys that you will not forget too soon. Mostly aimed at women, these titles will easily make an impression on anyone.