Known for influencing music history with their stadium rock and album-oriented rock styles, Led Zeppelin is a cultural icon in the industry. Plenty of books on the band came out over the past decades, but some of them stand out with their accuracy and deep insights into the band members' lives. All in all, here are some of the best Led Zeppelin books out there.

When Giants Walked the Earth, by Mick Wall

Mick Wall is known for his rock journalism and his book on Led Zeppelin is one of a kind. The book tells the story of a band that has managed to take rock to a different level through excess and creativity at the same time.

Led Zeppelin dominated the rock industry in the late 1960s, as well as the early 1970s. The book is written by a former associate of two band members, so the author has some unique data on what was actually behind the scenes.

There are plenty of revealing details. Some of them cover the deep relationship between Plant and Page, while others focus on the disasters that damaged the band – death and addiction. Rich and intimate information makes the difference.

Hammer of the Gods, by Stephen Davis

Led Zeppelin was referred to as a legendary band and from multiple points of view. It was a magic band that could stimulate the fans’ fantasy, power and imagination. Now, what did really happen behind the scenes when the band was on tour?

This book brings in some incredible details about what happened on tours. That era was all about rock and roll, drugs and sex – in excessive amounts though. These tales are now clearly explained in a book that some may find outrageous.

The book is based on actual facts, as well as interviews with people who were close to Led Zeppelin. There are detailed documents, pictures and revelations about a band that created history in a unique manner.

Led Zeppelin All the Songs, by Jean-Michel Guesdon

As a fan of Led Zeppelin, you are probably familiar with the band’s greatest songs and albums. While it all happened about half a century ago – when the band was practicing in a Soho basement, the music still dominates new generations of rock listeners.

This book is about both the famous and less famous songs. It is about the inspiration that boosted all the great hits out there, as well as the motivation and elements behind them. At the end of the day, Led Zeppelin sold dozens of millions of copies.

Find out more about the genesis of the Led Zeppelin lyrics and what drove the band to sing about such things. Moreover, the author even describes the album covers and the stories behind them, as well as the necessity of certain instruments in music.

Led Zeppelin: The Biography, by Bob Spitz

People associate rock stars with a bunch of different bands and singers. However, the truth is this term all started with Led Zeppelin and the way the band members lived their lives. No one has done it as they did it.

It all started with the first songs. The first album let everyone know that this band meant something else. It was supposed to be a different style. It was a mix of pure force, delicate English folk and artistic ambition. Somehow, it worked for Led Zeppelin.

The band has been constantly featured in all kinds of books, but this is by far one of the best Led Zeppelin books if you are after a biography. It has some irresistible details and some undeniable facts that most fans are not aware of.

Bring It On Home, by Mark Blake

This is an authorized biography and surprisingly for some, it is not about Led Zeppelin. Instead, this is the biography of Peter Grant, one of the most prolific rock managers in the music history – the manager of Led Zeppelin as well.

To many, Peter Grant was considered the fifth member of the band. He has always been featured in various Led Zeppelin biographies, but none of them has explained his true nature and influence over the band’s style.

This is the first book to tell his story. It is the first biography that actually defines Led Zeppelin from the manager’s point of view. Just like you have probably expected already, it features unique aspects from Led Zeppelin’s style as well.

Stairway to Heaven, by Richard Cole and Richard Trubo

No matter how many Led Zeppelin books you read, no biography will ever match this one. It is easy to tell why – no one really knew the band members better than Richard Cole and you can tell as you start reading the book.

Richard Cole was the tour manager of Led Zeppelin for more than 10 years. He was there when the band made it big. He was also close when it became a cult. More importantly, he was close to the members when they toured and that is when all the wild things happened.

From private Boeing 707 flights and stadiums to country estates and hotel rooms, Richard Cole was there to witness everything. He witnessed all the drugs, sex and wild things. This book is both about the highs and the lows of the band and it provides some amazing insights.

Jimmy Page: The Anthology, by Jimmy Page

This is a revealing book written by the one and only Jimmy Page. It all starts with his early days as a musician, his years as a prolific world-renowned singer and his solo collaborations. Jimmy Page was spectacular and this book describes it better than any other – the inside story of a unique career.

Jimmy Page provides exclusive access to his lifestyle and tells the secrets and less-known facts about his time with Led Zeppelin. The author guides readers through a plethora of rare and unique facts that no one had any clue about – everything, from music to lifestyle decisions that affected him overtime.


Bottom line, these are some of the best Led Zeppelin books for both fans and those interested to find out more about an iconic rock band. While the list can go on forever, these books stand out in the crowd with the unique details they provide.

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