While it may seem confusing to some, NFT stands for Non Fungible Token, a new blockchain based solution for owning digital assets. In other words, this item is unique and simply cannot be replaced by anything else. To help you get an idea about how it works, the Bitcoin is fungible. Buy one, sell one and you will get the same thing. A unique trading card, on the other hand, cannot be replaced. You can trade it for another card, but it will be different.

Now, you can create your own NFT items (with the help of NFT artists) or get some valuable collectibles, but don't forget to create a wallet on Uphold or Coinbase. The industry might seem new to a lot of people, yet there are a few books and guides out there that can make your life easier. All in all, here are some of the best NFT books to learn more about this industry and figure out what it really is and how it works.

The NFT Handbook, by Nathan Real (2022)

The NFT Handbook is an educational book about Non Fungible Tokens. It was written by a team of experts in the field and presents all the necessary information for you to understand what are the non fungible tokens, how to create one and most importantly, how to make money out of it.

The purpose of this book is to educate you about the NFT world, we will see everything that includes, from their history and types, to how to create them, how to monetize them and much more.

This is a brand new NFT book for 2022 following the new trends of Non-Fungible Tokens.

The NFT Handbook: How to Create, Sell and Buy Non-Fungible Tokens, by Matt Fortnow, QuHarrison Terry (2021)

The Non-Fungible Tokens Handbook is a comprehensive reference on how to create, buy, and sell NTFS without a technical background. Learn what NTFS are and why they are so popular, what their evolution timeline is, and the value of such a riding.

Step by step instructions describing all aspects of NFT creation, including what types of content to use, where to find content. Adding artistic design, writing the NFT's description, adding optional unlockable content, and setting an optional on-going royalty.

NFT for Beginners, by Sam Nakamoto

Non fungible tokens have received plenty of attention lately. You see incredible prices and numbers floating around, so there must be something good about this industry. However, while there are lots of explanations over the Internet, most people would still struggle to understand what it truly means. This is when Sam Nakamoto’s guide kicks in to ease the industry and give you some clues about it.

This guide is comprehensive and explained with easy terms and words – no tactical terms or jargon words that no one really understands. Find out more about the history of this industry and what caused non fungible tokens to gain so much notoriety. Learn more about investments and how you can actually make some money out of this industry.

The book analyzes some of the most impressive sales regarding NFTs. Find out what made Beeple’s NFT sell for $69 million, for example. The book will not make you a millionaire overnight, but it makes a great starting point. It is suitable to anyone who wants to understand NFTs and gain the knowledge required to make some investments.

NFT & Cryptoart, by Daniel L. Bray

Daniel L. Bray’s guide is one of the most popular NFT (Non Fungible Token) books on Amazon out there and for some good reasons. If you want a down to earth guide on everything involving NFTs, you have the right book. With the growing popularity of NFTs, plenty of entrepreneurs discover an amazing potential on this digital market. But then, advice is confusing and popular ideas often contradict each other.

The author breaks everything down in a very practical way, so anyone can understand this guide. Apart from NFTs, he also explains more about the crypto industry and shares some excellent tips and tricks to start your adventure. While designed as a solid manual of instructions, this is a great handbook to check whenever you have some questions.

Once inside, you will discover a full guide to NFT, reasons behind the popularity of cryptoart, must know principles and jargon terms, NFT markets and how to choose the right one, step by step instructions on how to succeed in this industry and much more. The book is written for everyone, so it makes no difference what kind of technical experience you have.

Non-Fungible Tokens Explained, by William Ellis

William Ellis’ practical guide will take you from the very beginning and show you everything you need to know in order to make some smart investments. There is no jargon in this book and if it is, it is also explained, so your technical experience is irrelevant. NFTs seem to take the art and gaming industries by storm, so everyone wants to know more about them – this is what the guide is about.

You might have seen NFTs in the news already. You have probably noticed millions of dollars associated with such things as well. Everyone wants a slice of this pie before it truly explodes, so this book puts you on track and gives you the basics before deciding on what to do next. Learn about NFTs, what they are, how they actually work, why they are often controversial and why they fetch so much money.

Compared to other popular NFT (Non Fungible Token) books on Amazon, this book goes even further and teaches you how to create your own NFTs. Moreover, find out what people are actually looking for and what it takes to create a successful NFT. At the same time, learn where you can sell, how to choose a platform or what investors want from such an asset.

Mastering NFT: Create and Sell Non-Fungible Tokens, by Crypto Art AI

This is one of the best NFT books if you want to create your first NFT and become a successful seller, but you have no idea where to start. Opinions on NFTs go in two different directions. They fetch millions of dollars, but they also gain a lot of criticism. As long as the business is profitable, why would someone overlook it? Exactly – there are no reasons whatsoever.

The book begins with more trends that changes the world in the recent years. It is the perfect time for NFTs to kick in now and they seem to do it big. The guide will go into more details regarding what NFTs truly mean, what are the best NFT projects, how-to create NFTs and where to sell them.

From many points of view, it goes in two different directions. First, you can learn about the right markets and top rated NFTs, which is great if you are planning to become an investor. Then, you will also learn how to make your own NFTs, choose a market and the right platform to sell them. Simply put, this manual targets every aspect of the industry and is suitable for both sellers and investors.

NFT Art and Collectibles for Beginners, by Chris Collins

You know it already – NFT is big and brings in millions of dollars. How can you cash on this extraordinary revolution? The NFT industry is, indeed, confusing. There are a few things that do not necessarily make sense. Whether you are a gamer, a music maker or an artist, find out how to create NFTs and make as much as possible from your hard work – a detailed manual with all the information you require to make some clever decisions.

The book begins with the basics, which is great if you have no clue what NFTs are or how they work. You will also discover a brief history of this industry. As you move on, you will educate yourself on Ethereum tokens and their role in the industry. Discover areas of application, as well as trends and the kind of art most investors are looking for. If you are not sure where to sell, the manual will also give you some of the best marketplaces out there.

Furthermore, the author debunks a few myths and introduces users to key terms, jargon and technical words. Discover the risks involved as well – no industry is risk free and most guides fail to mention such things. Learn why NFTs actually have and hold value and what adds to their value. There is lots of information you can use in this book, whether you are a complete newbie or actually experienced with the NFT industry.

NFT Art and Collectibles for Beginners, by Chris Collins

Chris Collins has written one of the most straightforward and popular NFT (Non Fungible Token) books on Amazon out there. It is among the best NFT books because it does not fool around with irrelevant details or filler text.The book's length is 148 pages, but it tells you everything you need to start making money in this industry. At the end of the day, it is suitable for artists, gamers, musicians and so on – anyone who wants to make NFTs and sell them.

The book is also suitable for investors. It does not necessarily teach you how to invest in NFTs, but if you are about to spend money, you want to know as much as possible about the industry. Knowing what artists have to go through and what it takes to create certain NFTs is just as important, as you can estimate their value in a more efficient manner.

The guide will teach you how to get started, so it covers the basics. Find out how to create your own ETH wallet and what kind of requirements it comes with. Then, learn how to set your NFT account up. Throw in a few tips and tricks regarding what the NFT industry actually needs and you can get to work straight away.


Bottom line, these are some of the most popular NFT books out there. Most of them have been written as detailed guides with step by step instructions. Some of them are suitable for investors, while others are more appropriate for artists who create NFTs and sell them. There are also a few guides for everyone to benefit from and the good news they are all written for people with no experience at all – no geek stuff or technical terms.

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