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What Is RevOps?

Most companies view revenue as the lifeblood of their business. As such, they employ teams of people whose sole responsibility is to increase revenue and protect it against shrinkage. This is the goal of Revenue Operations (RevOps).

What Is The Goal of RevOps?

RevOps teams are responsible for all aspects of revenue generation, from lead capture and qualification to order fulfillment and invoicing. They also work to identify and correct any process issues that could impact revenue. By doing so, they help ensure that the company meets its sales goals and remains profitable.

There are a number of key benefits to having a RevOps team in place. First, it ensures that all aspects of the revenue generation process are working together smoothly and efficiently.

What Are The Best RevOps Books?

Hiring, Onboarding, and Ramping Salespeople: The T.E.A.M. Framework, by Cory Bray and Hilmon Sorey (2019)

Bray and Sorey collected the key components of a successful sales team into step-by-step frameworks that just make sense. This is definitely a great sales management and RevOps book that's made to help me build a functioning sales teams.

If you are looking for quick read on how to grow your salesforce with new hires, this is it. This book offers you thorough guidelines on how best to recruit new hires to enhance your sales team's results. The book is ideal for sales team leaders.

The Sales Development Playbook, by Trish Bertuzzi (2016)

The most important success factor in case of any B2B companies how well the companies manage to acquire new sales pipelines. To greatly boost business growth, RevOps and sales development are the answer. Hence the author doesn't use the term RevOps she basically talks about it thorough the whole book.

The author, Trish Bertuzzi, has been in the business for three decades, on creating strategies for sales generation. The book includes strategies that consist of six elements for approaching sales pipelines, enabling business growth.

MOVE: The 4-question Go-to-Market Framework, by Sangram Vajre and Bryan Brown (2021)

The authors behind this books, MOVE, will present you with four questions you can refer to when you feel like you're running in circles.

You know precisely what your vision is and who you need to hire, now you have an operational manual to outline all that. This book is the marketplace blueprint that assists you get out of your rut and remain successful in your company.

99,96% of the companies die before reaching 50 million dollars in revenue. Why do they not make it? Because they frequently aren't capable of transforming their existing business model from the first step to the next stage.

Triangle Selling: Sales Fundamentals to Fuel Growth, by Hilmon Sorey and Cory Bray (2018)

Regardless of existing business structure, market conditions, and your company's size, Triangle Selling empowers sellers, managers, and sales people to swiftly adapt to the basic strategies.

Sales professionals need to evolve within their workplace, and be more efficient in case of new hires, and be nimble in an ever-changing profession.

Sales Development: Cracking the Code of Outbound Sales, by Cory Bray, Hilmon Sorey and Ryan Reisert (2018)

Sales Development is written specifically for job seekers or individuals who are interested in sales development. It is yours to use as an introduction to the why, how, and what to buy in a sales development career.

I think the book has many valuable aspects, it gives the readers the chance to reevaluate and alter a few of the patterns and habits they have been relying on for some time. If you are searching for an SDR position the authors will definitely give some beneficial thoughts on outbound sales.

Best RevOps Books Conclusion

In conclusion, there are limited number of RevOps books at the moment, but I'm sure the topic will skyrocket in the following years. If you are looking to learn more about RevOps, then these books are a great place to start. Each of them offers unique insights and covers different aspects of RevOps.

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