While help from those around you is priceless when in need, the truth is no one can do it better than you can. You can help yourself better than anyone else, even when it feels like you are lost and you have no clue which way to go. Now, self help can go in more directions and the spiritual way of doing it could be the most enriching one. Here are some of the best spiritual self help books to guide yourself through hard times.

The YOU Beyond You, by Ramzi Najjar

Everyone has perceptions and people see things and life through their own perceptions. They have specific beliefs that have been taught by those around them. Many of these ideas are nothing but misconceptions and misleading thoughts. In fact, they represent some of the main blockages in your life. As a result, your reality is seriously distorted and all these limitations will affect your quality of life.

This book is a guide. It is an enlightenment guide that will help you destroy everything your mind has achieved as a misconception throughout your life. You can dissolve all these bad habits, energies and beliefs built on various experiences. You will unlock a new reality based on nothing but mechanics and facts. It is based on actions and features realistic concepts.

This book brings in some of the best-hidden secrets of life. The truth is there are no actual secrets out there, but just the idea of your own limitations. Anyone could get there and anyone could bypass these limitations without even trying too hard. It makes no difference what your life goals are or where exactly you are – you will change yourself to 180 degrees.

The Untethered Soul, by Michael Alan Singer

How far would you go if you could get rid of all the limitations and restrictions affecting your life? What would your life be like if you could achieve the serenity and tranquility you have always wanted? What can you do on a daily basis to reach this incredible level of inner peace? Michael Alan Singer’s book aims to answer all of these questions and many more.

Whether this is the first time you experience such ideas or you have already worked towards achieving inner peace, this book will work on the unique relationship you have with yourself. You will also change the relationship you have with the world – everything to benefit your soul. The author is focused on techniques like mindfulness and meditation to show just how far you can get.

The primary goal of this book is self-development. Once consciousness becomes real, you will learn how to live and enjoy the present, but also leave all the painful memories and negative thoughts behind. All these things prevent you from reaching happiness and realization and the good news is anyone can overcome them with a bit of training.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, by Deepak Chopra

This is the type of book that will change your life forever. It is the type of book you will read again and again, every few years or months – just to make sure you are still on track and you are doing your best to change your life into better. It has the secrets of making dreams come true and when it mentions success, it refers to success in both your personal and spiritual lives.

The lessons from this book can be applied anywhere. You can apply these ideas in work as well and you will notice a completely different approach to life. Through facts and clear explanations, the book debunks the myth of success being associated with ambition and hard work. Instead, it is about finding your inner happiness. Get to that point and everything will change.

Deepak Chopra provides an appealing approach to life. When you understand the full nature of yourself, you will learn to live with and adopt the natural law. You will discover a new sense of wellbeing, as well as the secret to a solid health, meaningful relationships and abundance. Despite the incredible results, the lessons in this book are easy to apply.

The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz

This book has been translated in over 45 different languages and has helped people all over the world. No matter what you are after, this book will give you some quality results that will most likely change your life. It is one of the best spiritual self help books out there and provides access to a different approach that you may not necessarily be used to.

The book brings in the most important agreements – or better said, the code of conduct – based on the Toltec wisdom. Such lessons of life are ancient and have worked wonders as the society has evolved – there are no doubts that they still work today with no issues at all. The Toltec wisdom aims to help people find happiness and inner peace by losing the limitations and beliefs they have developed overtime.

There are no specific tips and tricks in this book though, so do not expect wonders. Instead, it aims to educate you a little. Be impeccable with your word – this is one of the first and most important agreements. Do not take anything personally and the list will go on. These four rules will help you guide your life in a different manner and provide results that you have never thought about.

The Book of Joy, by 14th Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Douglas Abrams

This book comes from two authors who won the Nobel Prize. They got together one day and decided to talk about joy and make it better. The result is pretty obvious – a book that has become one of the testaments of happiness for people from all over the world. Find out what it takes to become infectiously happy, influence those around you in a positive manner and change your life overnight.

The book is indirectly split in three different parts. First, you have a few personal stories from the authors. You will learn a few things about happiness and joy as well. Sure, there is a bit of science behind deep happiness, but getting there takes training and consistency. Then, there are daily practices that you can implement in order to enlighten your inner self and boost your spiritual life.

Life is a struggle at times, but it depends on how you see it. See it as a constant renewal process and everything will change. Learn from others’ personal experiences and discover what keeps people happy. Find out how they manage to spread joy and happiness around and learn more about the steps to reach such a point in your life.

A Course in Miracles, by Helen Schucman

This book is a landmark in terms of spirituality, happiness and life changing experiences. It has been initially published in 1976, but it is just as relevant today and further editions have come up. It was a bit ahead of its time back then, but it is completely relevant today and can seriously change your life overnight. All in all, it is one of the best spiritual self help books for those who want to reach happiness in a spiritual and peaceful manner.

The latest releases come with a few updates. The text is split into three different parts. First, you have the text. Then, you have the workbook and then, there is a manual for teachers. This is not a guide for leaders or gurus, but once you discover the secret to a happy life, you will definitely want to share. Moreover, this book will provide lasting results in all aspects of your life.

The self study program will help you how to develop a constant state of inner peace. Happiness will be part of your everyday life – you will find happiness in small things as well, while your goals will become reality.

The Road Less Traveled, M. Scott Peck

The Road Less Traveled has come out in a few different editions. The book came out in 1978 and became an icon in this industry. Life is difficult. This is how the book begins. But then, it might be difficult because the way you live your life is the wrong way. The book is relevant today, just like it was relevant almost half a century ago.

This manual teaches you how to identify your problems, confront them and suffer in a positive manner as you reach a new level of success and knowledge. It is written in a beautiful and comfortable tone that will make you feel understood. It will help you discover the true nature of love, but also find compatibility with other people.

Simply put, you will learn to embrace reality as it is. There are things that you cannot change. Meanwhile, you will also reach serenity in a brilliant manner.


Bottom line, these are some of the best spiritual self help books you can try to enrich your vision and adopt a new lifestyle. They will help you see life in a completely different way and change your mindset to achieve success, regardless of what you are after.