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A personal message from the author:

Waves of You is a collection of heartfelt poetry and prose celebrating the magic of romantic love. As I poured my thoughts and experiences onto these pages, I reflected on how love is fragile yet holds tremendous power to bring hearts together despite distance, time, complexities, and differences.

The theme focuses on the joys of love instead of the inevitable heartbreak experienced while navigating through life searching for our soulmates. A follow-up collection is underway addressing heartbreak and healing, so please stay tuned.

I grew up near Myrtle Beach, frolicking in the waves with my family and friends. I walked on the ocean shore hand in hand with my first boyfriend and later with my dear husband and children picking up seashells, reveling in the swirl of water kissing our feet. The ocean has always had a powerful pull on me. Its beauty and symbology, the waves' rush and ebbing, have been metaphors for my romance with life for as long as I can remember. Thus, this book's title and the theme of the chapters revolve around the fluidity of love flowing in waves.

— Michelle G. Stradford

Love Poems is an emotional expression of profound and passionate love language intended to be made your own. 

Meant to be read aloud to the one who shares your heart, it is brimming with blooming romance, enduring love, and alchemical connection.

From “sun-drenched smiles” and “wide-eyed wonderment” to “sanguine summers” and “umbrella-lined beaches,” this collection of whimsical poetry “will carry you…into a boundless sea” of love.

No, I cannot end
your waves of pain,
but I will lift you up
and always
raise you higher,
so, you can rise
above them.

In this collection, you will find heartfelt poetry and prose celebrating romantic love and the joys of falling in and sustaining love in all of its fluidity. 

The book begins with playful flirtations and the ebbing and flowing moments of falling in love, and then moves to the sensations of physical connection. It ends with the sweet rewards of lasting love.

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