As far as media platforms go, I think TikTok is sensational. This app has helped me discover so many things through people's trends every day. But my greatest delight is the BookTok hashtag. This is usually my go-to place when I can’t seem to decide what to read next, and I haven’t been disappointed. BookTok allows content creators to feature the best tiktok books, their reviews, and recommendations.

Whether you follow BookTok or not, below are some of the most popular books on TikTok worth your time.

Reminders of Him, by Colleen Hoover (2022)

Kenna Rowan has been in prison for five years after committing a tragic mistake and has just returned to the town everything went down. Her hope is that she can be reunited with her daughter. However, rebuilding the bridges she burned now seems impossible.

Everybody who is now in her daughter’s life is firmly resolved on shutting Kenna out despite all the work she puts in to prove herself. Everyone, except Ledger Ward, one of the few people who still have links to her daughter. But they can never be discovered. If anybody were to find out that Ledger is gradually becoming an essential entity of Kenna’s life, they would all be risking losing substantial trust.

Despite it all, Ledger and Kenna form a connection, but the risk also magnifies as their love affair grows. Kenna will have to look for a way to justify her past mistakes to heal and build a hopeful future.

Colleen Hoover's novel is definitely one the most popular books on TikTok.

Normal People, by Sally Rooney (2020)

The only similarities that Connell and Marianne have is that they were brought up in the same town. Connell is very popular, and many like him at school, but Marianne is a loner.

Something profound will begin when the two start an awkward but electrifying conversation.

A year passes, and the two are in Dublin’s Trinity College. At this time, Marianne has found a position in the social world, but Connell is on the sidelines, uncertain and shy. Connell and Marianne guard one another during their college years and stray toward other possibilities and people. But somehow, they always end up drawn together compellingly.

As Marianne veers into a path of self-destruction, Collin starts to find meaning elsewhere. However, their friendship, fascination, and love will incline them to confront the extent they are willing to go to save each other.

Shatter Me, by Tahereh Mafi (2018)

Juliette, a fragile teenage girl, is in captivity. She is in a cell and has been locked in by The Reestablishment. This is a dictatorship that rules a crumbling world. But Juliette is not ordinary, and she threatens the power of the Reestablishment. Her single touch is all it takes to kill. She is also possibly the most powerful weapon the dictatorship could have.

Never in her life has Juliette had to fight for herself. But she is now discovering how to fight back with her strength.

After reuniting with the only person who cared for her, the one boy she was sure she had lost forever, her emotions and power started to become more explosive.

Nobody knows the reason Juliette has a fatal touch. The Reestablishment’s plan is to use Juliette, but she has her plans ready.

Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, by Taylor Jenkins Reid (2018)

Evelyn Hugo is a solitary Hollywood movie icon, and age is catching up with her. She decides to reveal the truth behind her scandalous but glamorous life finally. Evelyn chooses Monique Grant to handle this task. Nobody knows Monique, and even she is surprised by Evelyn’s offer and timing.

Monique’s life isn’t the best. Her professional life doesn’t seem to prosper, and her husband has left her. But, it doesn’t matter why Evelyn has chosen her to report her life’s accounts. She is determined to give her career a fresh start.

Monique will discover Evelyn’s journey, including her seven husbands. As Evelyn tells her story, Monique will feel a real connection to her. However, this story is not even nearing its end, and it becomes evident that both their lives intersect tragically and irreversibly.

Tayler Jenkins Reid novel was one of the first Tiktok book superstar.

One True Loves, by Taylor Jenkins Reid (2022)

Emma Blair is only in her twenties when she marries Jesse, her high school sweetheart. The two mold and enjoy their life, something nobody expected.

A year passes, it is their wedding anniversary, and Jesse is flying over the Pacific when the helicopter he is on goes missing. He is forever gone.

After quitting her job, Emma moves back home to try to get together her now disoriented life. Years pass by, and she gets into her thirties. She surprisingly meets Sam, her old friend, and she begins to fall in love again. After their engagement, Emma feels like she has a second chance to be happy, but Jesse is found.

Emma now has a fiancé and husband, and she must decide what she wants and who she is as she tries to protect her loved ones. But who does she truly love?

The Things We Leave Unfinished, by Rebecca Yarros (2021)

Georgia Stanton must start over after giving up all she had following her brutal divorce. She goes to Colorado, where she meets Noah Harrison. Noah is a best-selling author with millions of books. He is arrogant in person, just like he is in his interviews, and Georgia will be damned if he is the one to complete her grandmother’s last novel. Nevertheless, the publisher insists that Noah is the best person for the job.

Noah’s career is at its epitome with tons of deals, and he seems to have accomplished everything in modern fiction. But he cannot leave behind Scarlett Stanton’s book unfinished. She is his idol, and the book might be the century’s best. Finishing it is one thing but dealing with Georgia is another.

They will read Scarlett’s words and realize that she never finished the book because it is her real-life romance story, and it didn’t end happily.

Georgia is sure love doesn’t work out even though she and Noah have an undeniable connection. She is ready to learn from Scarlett’s mistakes even if Noah’s career is destroyed.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, by Holly Jackson (2020)

Andie Bell was beautiful and a popular girl in high school. But then Sal Singh, her boyfriend, murdered her and then killed himself.

Five years down the line, Pip sees how this tragic ordeal still haunts their town, but she cannot seem to get off the feeling that something else happened that day. Pip knew Sal as a kind person, and there was no way he could have killed anyone.

Pip is now a senior, and she concludes that she needs to reexamine this case as her last project to get rid of the original investigation’s doubts.

She will find out dark secrets that can prove Sal’s innocence, but things will begin to get blurry. Someone does not want her looking for answers, and her life could be in danger.

The Night and Its Moon, by Piper CJ (2022)

Farleigh is just another orphanage, as the church has made everyone believe. However, Nox and Amaris know better. These orphans are trade tools and are available for the highest bidder to buy.

A notorious brothel’s madame grants a king’s ransom to buy Amaris, but Nox takes her place- Amaris has been drawn away to the home of mysterious assassins in the mountains.

The two begin living new lives with different identities, but they never forget that nothing can stop them from getting reunited. Unfortunately, the war threat is looming overhead, and they get into a human and fae conflict and a war of magic and mundane.

With Nox and Amaris forming new and unusual alliances, their love for each other, and a strong bond that can’t be broken by distance or time, they hold the realm’s fates.

Iron Widow, by Xiran Jay Zhao (2021)

Huaxian boys dream of teaming up with girls to steer Chrysalises. These are massive transforming robots capable of battling the mecha aliens lurking beyond the Great Wall. These boys don’t care that the girls die from mental strain.

Zetian offers to be a concubine pilot with a plan to assassinate the male pilot who is to blame for her sister’s death. Zetian commits her vengeance act in a manner no one expected. She murders the pilot with a psychic link, and she comes out of the cockpit with no injury. That’s when she earns the Iron Widow title. She becomes the much-silenced and feared female pilot capable of sacrificing boys to power up Chrysalises.

Zetian is paired with Li Shimin to tame her daunt yet priceless mental strength. But Li is Huaxia’s most controversial and strongest male pilot. Zetian has tasted power, and she won’t grovel easily. Instead, she will take on every opportunity to exploit their strength and infamy for survival. She will do so until she can discover why this pilot system works misogynistically to stop the sacrifice of girls.


BookTok is wholesome and if you want to ascertain what I am talking about, check out the book recommendations above.

Recent statistics found that the most popular books on TikTok are geared towards young readers. These books are slightly shorter, easy to read, and they are all beautiful in a way which may account for their popularity on TikTok.

Many people believe that TikTok is a platform for kids, but now it's trending more between YA and NA users. In fact, many parents are using TikTok to engage with their kids and help them learn new things. This is a positive trend, as it allows children to explore new ideas and develop their literacy skills.

If you are looking for more quality YA books, check our favorite YA series.

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