The Mandela Effect Trilogy Book 1

A personal message from the author:

How could most white South African not have questioned Apartheid? Eric Blue's book is so spot-on.

I hope many youngsters of all races will read it and realise how fortunate they are to live in a democratic South Africa, even despite the challenges the country is facing these days.

— Eric Blue

Ever wondered about how it would be to go back in time and change history? The satirical novel, The Mandela Effect, gives an insight into how a Rainbow Nation South Africa of 2010 celebrated the hosting of the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Of course, it wasn’t always like that.

When a gas pipe blast in a local restaurant takes law student Lindiwe Buthelezi out of her comfort zone and back to the year 1987 when apartheid (racial segregation) was at its worst, she soon realises the important role that she has to play in following in her late mother’s footsteps.

Lindiwe gets to experience the bad of Black and White on all fronts of life before getting to the blessings!

African National Congress icon Nelson Mandela is believed to be locked away on Robben Island for failing to renounce violence against the state. While some hard-line left wingers felt that Mandela may sell out to the apartheid government, several right-wing members believed that eliminating Mandela would send a strong message to the so-called communist liberation struggle.

Add in the African American duo of CNN political reporter Louise Burrell and Washington D.C.-based human rights lawyer Pearce Ellison, and the race is on to plot a smooth way to democracy for the New South Africa.

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