Tale of the Hapless Child and the Forlorn God

On the continent of Bastion, the royal blood of a queen is being hunted. In the village of Vashire, a child plays blissfully with her friends near an ancient forest. When a group of strange figures approached in the darkness, as they moved through the bushes, the men struck down the young girl’s companions. She watched in a daze as the flames engulfed the small community until she was pulled into the bush.

In a Dungeon, deep in the Hossent Manor lives a rumor, a being that wishes to be more than he is. Imprisoned for choosing happiness over his duties, he sits in isolation while being consumed with loss as he relives the aftermath of his decision for over hundred years.

A personal message from the author:

I wrote this book for two reasons: First, because of my sons, they motivate me and hidden deep within the story is a message to them showing how they have changed my life. Secondly, I wanted to change the narrative of fantasy books. Yes, there are cliché in the story, but overall, I feel as I delivered a different story than the standard fantasy books.

I hope you find the book interesting and to your liking.

— Curtis Hollins

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