To many people, becoming successful in life is all about changing the mindset. There are things that professional doctors or educators can help with, but nothing compares to achieving success. No one will teach you that face to face and no one will do it in school – unfortunately, the classic schooling system is different and will never touch such topics.

Some of the best life coaches out there have gone a bit further than that. Not only have they found the recipe to become successful in one way or another, but they are also sharing what they have learned overtime. Moreover, they do it in a manner that will easily change your perspective in life – all in all, here are some life success books that will change your mindset overnight.

The Successful Bible, by Johnathan David Goldsky

The author has spent close to three decades coaching others towards success and fulfillment – it is that one thing he is good at. Success is not complicated and can embrace a plethora of different forms – therefore, different people find different ways to get up there. With a good road map in your pocket, chances are you can join the more fortunate ones and build your own way up.

Reaching success can be a difficult challenge. You need some tools to get there. You also need to have some skills – or work to develop them. You need to decipher what is happening to you in order to understand how to obtain success. Without all these, you are lost. Luckily, the author has brought everything together in a simple and straightforward guide.

This book is split into multiple sections and each of them has its own role. For example, you have detailed analyses of various real cases studied for you to learn from. Then, you have over two decades of hands on experience in this industry. Furthermore, the author has a direct way of teaching and can encourage you to get out of the comfort zone and make the next big step.

Focal Point, by Brian Tracy

This is one of the Wall Street Journal bestsellers and comes from one of the best life coaches out there. The book is focused on a simple and intuitive aspect – the focal point. This is what makes the difference. Successful people know how to find the focal point and stick to it by the book – once there, everything revolves around that goal.

This focal point can vary based on the situation. It represents the one and only thing people should do in a certain moment in order to achieve the best possible results. The author brings in some of the simplest and most efficient ideas of life management. The plan is easy to use and can be implemented without any hassle at all.

The reader will learn how to develop productive goals and ensure everything they do goes around these goals. There are some timeless truths that have always made the difference. You will learn how to take control of your life and how to accelerate the achievement of your personal objectives. Simply put, this book is about clarity.

The Magic of Thinking Big, by David J. Schwartz

David J. Schwartz has already proven his point as one of the best life coaches out there. His books sold in millions of copies. The Magic of Thinking Big is a shortcut to success from many points of view – no random general stuff that everyone already knows. Instead, the edition has been formatted for easy and straightforward reading – you simply cannot go wrong.

The book is not a new miraculous recipe to success – instead, it represents one of the classic guides in this industry. People have used it for guidance over years and given its timeless rules, tips and tricks, it works wonders in today’s society as well. It pushes your mindset from more directions, so you can achieve on different levels.

Are you interested in a promotion at work? How about financial freedom? How about a fulfilling relationship? What about happiness overall? All these things may seem different, but they are all connected due to one thing – your mindset. Think big, work for it and you will surpass your goals in no time – this book will tell you how.

Give and Take, by Adam Grant

The most inspirational and successful people out there have one thing in common, even if they do not make it public – they give. Some of them have established various nonprofit foundations and organizations. Some others make known or anonymous donations – they give a lot and this is what connects them. The more you read about them, the more impressed you will be.

There are more categories of people out there and apart from givers, there are lots of people who also take, match or fake. The successful ones never take or match. They do not fake it either. While they may not necessarily be philanthropic, they give in one way or another and this is what drives their success to another level.

This is one of the most fascinating life success books out there because it introduces you to these givers’ secrets. Results stand out – givers gain like no one else. In a world with so many people who take, those who give benefit from a reputation that brings back even more. Furthermore, their strategies are also exposed in a crystal clear manner.

48 Laws of Power, by Robert Greene

48 Laws of Power comes from someone who gathered together impressive lessons of success over thousands of years. The author has found inspiration, secrets and success rules dating over more than 3,000 years. All these lessons are put together in a guide that would work wonders in today’s society as well – simply put, this is a lesson of power over thousands of years.

This is the ultimate guide to help readers achieve what they want. Some lessons are given by people who you may not know. Some others come from people like Queen Elizabeth I, Louis XIV, Henry Kissinger or even Machiavelli – the type of lessons that you would normally learn the hard way. There are more laws explained and based on the natural course of history.

For instance, you should never outshine the master law. Avoid putting too much trust in your close ones and learn how to use your enemies. Your intentions must always be hidden and your mouth needs to speak less than necessary. Obviously, there are more laws out there and implementing all of them may take time, but it is totally worth it.

The Traveler’s Gift, by Andy Andrews

Coming from one of the most respected and best life coaches out there, The Traveler’s Gift brings in a bunch of decisions that determine personal success and failure. But before proceeding, the author tries to figure out a simple thing – what actually makes the difference between success and failure? It seems simple, but most people would not be able to provide a specific answer.

This book provides an insight into someone's life and how his decisions and attitude affect his failure or success. David Ponder used to be a rich executive. He is a part-time worker now and can barely support his family. At some point, he almost crashes his car – to be honest with himself, he does not even care whether or not he will survive this accident.

But then, things change and he travels back in time, where he meets heroes in critical moments of their lives – such as Anne Frank or Abraham Lincoln. It is a fictional story, but the author uses it to bring in seven secrets for success. David gets to learn all these lessons from others and gets a second shot at life.

Influence, by Robert Cialdini

This is a new edition of a classic bestseller. The author is an expert in fields like persuasion and influence and brings in pure science to explain why people say yes or no. He also aims to apply such things into completely different things, such as the personal life or the business life. He even comes up with some memorable experiences and examples to make it easier.

The book comes as a guide. You will discover a bunch of principles of influence and more importantly, you will figure out how to defend yourself against others’ influence – be it on purpose or random. These principles may seem basic, but you will realize that you have no clue how to implement them in a responsible manner.

All in all, you will discover things like reciprocation, consistency, commitment, linking, scarcity, authority and social proof. The new edition is updated with unity too – a new principle with a specific meaning.


Bottom line, these are some of the best life coaches out there, as well as some of their representative guides to help you achieve success from more directions. It will not come overnight and will require lots of work, but it is totally doable with the right type of guidance.​

You can also try behavioral books on success or short inspirational success oriented books.

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