Surviving Your First Day on the Job

Prepare new nurses for their first shift by filling in all the gaps nursing school left behind.

Your first shift as a new nurse can be one of the most exciting days of your life…but it can also be downright terrifying! Brand New Nurse: Surviving Your First Day on the Job is the guidebook you need to walk into your first shift ready and confident. There are so many skills to master when you are brand new that just aren't taught in nursing school, things like:

  • What gear should you bring on your first day
  • How to prepare to work on your new unit
  • Managing the transition to night shift
  • How to build your professional reputation
  • Communicating with doctors and other staff
  • How to master your system of organization and time management

Plus much more. Fortunately, Brand New Nurse has you covered. Written by nurses for nurses, this book compiles tips, advice, stories, and more from 11 contributors to guide you through your first shifts of orientation. Also included are 71 Quick and Awesome Nursing Tips to help get you through your workday.

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