Brian Brandt, a twenty-eight-year veteran trial attorney, knows the ins and outs of personal injury litigation.

A former Western San Bernardino County Bar Association President and holder of the largest wrongful death verdict in California history and the 2014 Orange County Personal Injury Trial Lawyer of the year. Brian is also a graduate of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College—think of a “boot camp” for trial lawyers and you get the idea of the training he’s had there.

Always a defender of the little guy against the Goliaths—the insurance companies that work as hard as they can to limit, if not duck altogether, their responsibilities to victims of personal injury.

Brian, who specializes in car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, stresses the importance of preserving evidence. His expert investigators are masters at collecting accident-site information to assure you get the insurance settlement or verdict you deserve.

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