How do you say what you want and stand up for yourself without being a d**k?
How do you believe in yourself and achieve big when you have no confidence?
How do you stop putting yourself down and truly love yourself?

Through my own story of bullying I want to show you how I went from a scared kid who got trampled on by everyone to being the person everyone wants to be.

I know you won't believe me right now when I say you have something powerful inside you that is waiting to come out. An inner Bad*ss that touches and transforms everyone around them in beautiful ways. I didn't either.

What I will show you is how I transformed my life, unleashed my most powerful self and made everyone in my life proud to know me. What is more I'm going to show you step by step how to do it too.

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Excerpt from Bullied To Bad*ss © Copyright 2024 Adam Locke


I was six years old; I had just finished a game of kiss chase with the most beautiful girl I had ever seen up to this point, in my life. Everyone loved me and wanted to be my friend, I would talk with no thought of how people would respond to me. I simply was. How few of us can remember being like this. To be an open window on to a wonderful meadow of consciousness where every innocent thought and feeling is made all the better for sharing it. As I said, everyone loved this person, I was kind and helpful and found joy in helping others. Not only this but I was fiercely protective of my friends, which only added to my popularity!

This was who I was at six years old.

At six years old I was whisked off of the sunny concrete of the playground and into a secluded, locked room. Two older boys towered over me and pushed me to the dusty floor. I thought I was going to die.

Six years old, and I had faced my own mortality being thrust upon me. This began a twenty-year bullying campaign which bled into every area of my life. It sapped my confidence, self-esteem to the point where I had a crippling fear of conflict or even telling people what I needed. I went through work and university avoiding conflict and only holding fearful and co-dependent relationships to the point where I couldn’t stand to look at myself. That powerful wonderchild had turned into a broken shell of an adult.

What I decided as a child was that I was worthless and weak and didn’t matter. I decided that in order to make sure I mattered, I would be a high achiever and know more than anyone, I would be the best. This drove me to study psychology and, eventually, to work in the mental health field.

It worked too, I scored my dream job at 26, I was a case manager for a healthcare company. Not only that, but I was also good at it, I was great! I worked with many different people, I learnt about how to sell healthcare products that were on the cutting edge. Helping people and making a difference, I got a little of that wonderful caring boy I used to be back. I was all set to be Senior Case Manager in under two years. You would think that finally, having achieved this, that I would feel like I was enough…I did too. I felt complete at last, happy in my relationship, my work and family life just fit together.

Fast forward 18 months and I was in a hospital bed with sensors all over my chest and needles in my arms, being fed Morphine. I never made it to Senior Case Manager, my company let me go shortly after this. More about that later.

I thought being the best would have made me feel good enough, I thought helping people would make me feel good enough. My journey of recovery has made me realize that I wasn’t the only one who wanted to feel like they matter, everyone does, and it drives them to massive change in their lives. I love helping this process of change and that impacts people in big ways.

In this book I hope to demonstrate, through the ups and downs of my own story, how I slowly regained my pride, self-esteem and confidence. I want you to have this in a fraction of the time it has taken me to find the keys to success. I believe that, inside all of us, is an inner Bad*ss, a wonderful, powerful individual. Someone who is able to stand up for themselves and can achieve the life we both know you’ve been waiting for.

Within each chapter there are key action points that you can do each day that will be the keys to unlock more of the mental prison that bullying has put you in. However extreme or mundane you think it was.

Whether you class yourself as being bullied or not.

My experience is that these actions produce BIG confidence. They do it naturally, without endless techniques to learn, it will just become a part of your day and who you are AND when you see the results for yourself you will be amazed by the look of awe of the faces of the people around you.

This is coming from over a decade of research and practical coaching, not faff! There is no better time than NOW to start so let’s get going.

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