An Office Romance

An unapologetic one-night stand and a business partner I can't resist.

After a long night of pleasure with a random guy, I resumed my routine.

Nothing’s wrong with having fun once in a while.

That same week, I had to convince a new billionaire in town that I was the best interior designer in LA.

Usually, I don't sweat it, but this was different.

My potential business partner was the random guy I met at the club the other night.

Seeing me presenting my ideas in his office appeared surreal to him.

He had little regard for my proposals.

Cole doesn't believe I am a suitable professional counterpart due to our first encounter.

First impressions last longer, right?

Even though I prefer to keep my professional and personal life, doing both to achieve my goals wouldn’t hurt.

With my job on the line, I am willing to risk everything.

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