Got a headache from seeing a never ending ocean of kid's activity books?

We've scoured the shelves (and internet) to pick the cream of the crop for your little ones. Our list, fresher than a toddler's finger paint masterpiece, includes books from the last five years, all vetted to meet your child's budding Picasso or Einstein needs.

With our ideal age range noted, it's easier to pick a book that matches your child's interest better than a dinosaur-loving kid in a fossil museum! We've done the homework, so all you need to do is sit back, relax, and choose the one that will turn your living room into a whirlwind of fun, creativity, and, yes, a little bit of educational chaos.

What Are The Top Children's Activity Books with Age Recommendations?

The Soccer Legends Activity Book for Smart Boys and Girls, by Lucas Martin (2024)

Ideal for children 6-12 years

This soccer activity book is created for kids who love soccer personalities like Messi or Ronaldo. It's filled with engaging activities like puzzles, quizzes, and coloring pages that encourage creativity and help children learn more about the game. The book aims to improve problem-solving skills and fine motor abilities while teaching important values like teamwork and sportsmanship.

This soccer activity book is perfect for keeping kids entertained during travel, without relying on gadgets. It includes additional content for both parents and children, such as a visual poster of world champion Lionel Messi’s career and a guide to building confidence.

I think the best part of this book is how it makes learning fun by linking educational material with the thrill of soccer.

Puzzles & Punchlines, by A. K. Farina (2023)

Ideal for children 7-12 years

Puzzles & Punchlines is a unique 96-page, humor-filled activity book that not only keeps 8-year-old kids entertained but also encourages their learning and curiosity.

What makes this book unique is its blend of jokes and activities presented in a comic-style format. It's bursting with funny knock-knock jokes and hilarious vocabulary gems that kids can use to impress their friends and teachers alike.

The activity book features mind-boggling activities, including connect-the-dots, mazes, crosswords, and spot-the-difference puzzles. Perhaps the most unique and delightful section is the “FUNtastic Facts”, which ignite curiosity and inspire learning with fascinating tidbits written in kid-friendly language.

Perfect for long road trips or cozy indoor days, this children's activity book brilliantly ignites the curiosity of young minds, transforming learning into an exhilarating adventure.

Puppy Pals, by Chris Hughes (2023)

Ideal for children 5-11 years

This coloring book is dedicated to puppies. The coloring book contains a variety of images, some featuring simple puppy drawings that allow the reader's imagination to roam freely, while others offer more detailed illustrations for coloring.

The adorable dogs featured in this coloring book have a special knack for warming hearts, no matter what difficulties you may encounter throughout the day.

Puppy Pals is suitable for both girls and boys who have an affinity for animals. It serves as an excellent activity during rainy days or long journeys, providing 30 original and unique scenes.

Seek and Find in Banana Bay, by Fernanda Goncalves (2023)

Ideal for children 3-6 years

Seek and Find in Banana Bay is a captivating children's activity book set in the colorful and imaginative Banana Bay. The book offers a series of interactive pages filled with activities like Search-the-page, mazes, Spot the Difference, and matching games, designed to hold the attention of young children for hours. These activities are tailored for age appropriateness, making the book an ideal choice for children as young as three years old. Each of the 14 double-page spreads features a unique theme, ranging from gardens and parks to beaches and camping sites, which encourages exploration and stimulates the imagination.

The book not only entertains but also serves an educational purpose by promoting cognitive and fine motor skills development through problem-solving and attention-focused activities. This makes it a valuable tool for young learners, combining fun with educational content seamlessly. Seek and Find in Banana Bay excels in blending learning with enjoyment, helping children expand their understanding of the world around them while engaging in creative play. This balance of educational value and entertainment makes it a beneficial addition to any child's reading collection.

Big Preschool, by Joan Hoffman (2018)

Ideal for children 3-5 years

This workbook is full of colorful illustrations, easy to understand and follow lessons. The book is also easy for my son to use. The activities are easy for him to follow and complete on his own. The book covers a lot of skills and the activities are designed in a way that keep him engaged and interested.

The layout of the book is very good. The pages are full color and the book is very engaging. The book is a great product to help develop my sons basic math, writing, early reading, and pre-writing skills.

Connect the Dots, by Joan Hoffman and Barbara Gregorich (2015)

Ideal for children 3-5 years

This is the perfect present for the little artist in your life. Connect the Dots a 32 pages book, takes kids through the process of drawing a set of basic shapes, from circles and squares to triangles and rectangles.

Each page features a simple image, and kids can connect the dots using the numbers to create the shape. The best part is that it's easy enough for even the littlest ones to enjoy!

New York, by Marisha Wojciechowska (2019)

Ideal for children 6-12 years

Get ready to take your kid on the tour of New York! Find your path via a maze in the Central Park, decipher the Manhattan areas, solve a financial puzzle, and create an ad for Times Square. These are the best selling points of this book. Great activity book for small travellers.

This book by Marisha Wojciechowska is a great resource for families with kids who are planning a holiday or an educational visit to one of the six famous cities namely, Quebec, Montreal, Tokyo, Bangkok, Paris, and New York. It is filled with age-suitable details about the city, which are shared via fun activities such as games and puzzles.

Peppa Pig Coloring Book, by Crayola (2021)

Ideal for children 3-6 years

My son loves Peppa Pig and he loves coloring books. This coloring book is perfect as it has 96 coloring pages and 1 page of stickers. The pages are thick, so they are very durable and will last a long time.

The absence of colors on the pages provides a canvas for your child's creativity to flourish. My son was extremely excited to have this coloring book. He had a great time coloring the pages and making them visually stunning with his selection of colors.

This would be a great gift for any young Peppa Pig fans.

Mega Machines (John Deere Kids), by Jack Redwing (2021)

Ideal for children 4-8 years

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this book was not only entertaining for my son but for me as well. He loves to read and do puzzles and this book had both. Inside the book are a variety of activities to do, some of them are done in the form of puzzles or mazes, others are more like hidden pictures. We have really enjoyed this book and will be getting a lot of use out of it. There are a lot of different activities to do, so the book can be used over and over again. I would recommend it to anyone who has sons who love puzzles and big “machines”.

Easter Activity Book for Kids, by Blue Wave Press (2020)

Ideal for children 6-12 years

Thinking of an exciting gift for your growing child for next Easter? Consider this Easter activity book from Blue Wave Press. It will really thrill your child. This is because high-quality, big, and pure white pages are full of diverse activities that are only fun-filled.

Celebrate the divine holiday by finding a way through mazes, playing sudoku, connecting dot puzzles to know what is the image all about, coloring by number, drawing things and creatures, searching for words, and more. Most of them are educational and themed activities including flowers, baskets, and bunnies.

Kate the Chemist: The Big Book of Experiments, by Kate Biberdorf (2020)

Ideal for children 8-12 years

Do you see a scientist in your kid? If yes, then this is the activity book to buy. It comes with 25 far-fetched science experiments that the little ones can do at home. Through the bright full-color photographs, this book shows kids that it is fun to be a scientist. There are step-by-step instructions, a rating for the mess factor, and a list of ingredients for each experiment.

The Complete Kids Play Book With 360 Games and Exercises, by G.R. Junior (2020)

Ideal for children 4-12 years

Consider this book if you are looking for some different varieties of activities for building a more profound connection with your kids. If you are confused as to which activity book should you start with, you can consider starting with this one.

The main feature of this book is its diverse set of games associated with different topics. There are games and activities for the growth of your child, holidays, occasions, birthday parties, and enjoyment without any props. There are activities to enjoy during the snow and beat the heat. Special activities are there to play during the teen years. The best part of this book is that it is split into sections as per the age group.

Human Body Activity Book for Kids, by Ph.D., Katie Stokes, M.Ed. (2019)

Ideal for children 4-8 years

This is a really cool book that I would recommend to kids who are interested in learning about their bodies. The activities are fun and engaging and kids will learn a lot from this book. My son completed several of the activities and I think that the book is high quality. There are so many different tasks and puzzles in this book, it is sure to hold the attention of your kids too.

Brain Candy!, by Rockridge Press (2020)

Ideal for children 6-9 years

If making your way via mazes is challenging, it is beneficial for building confidence and patience for solving any problem. This book comes with 75 such imaginative challenges that increase in difficulty as the kid proceeds.

Unlike other maze books, this full-color maze book comes with smart themes and great graphics. This not only attracts the eyes but trains the mind too for motor skills.

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