Embarking on a new step and going through an unknown experience is not easy. And it is even more difficult for children. One of the challenging experiences they have to go through is enrolling to begin school.

From the day they start, and as they progress, things do not remain the same. When you register your little one, they have to navigate several issues like handling first-day jitters. Trying to fit in is also another challenge many children face as they figure out their abilities and establish relationships. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We have put together a list of books about school that will reveal to young learners that schooling is a fun and exciting journey.

Tell Me About School Today, Sweetheart, by Nicholas Redmon

Tell Me About School Today, Sweetheart is a book that tells a heartwarming story about Sam as it depicts a psychological perspective perfect for kids and families. We can all agree that being in school as a child can have different psychological impacts, both positive and negative.

Sam wakes up only to find himself floating over his pajamas. Before he can even figure out what is happening, he begins to soar to the ground but then stops. His stop is right above their house. But something else happens, another Sam who is very similar to him walks out. Sam is in a dilemma and doesn’t seem to get a hold of who this other Sam is. He goes ahead to phase through him.

As Sam spends the entire day floating in his pajamas, he takes a step to follow himself. He is on a mission to make out why he is continuously reliving the previous day.

As he goes through his day, he will learn why it is essential to be an excellent ripple to those around him; his family members, friends, and teacher.

This Is a School, by John Schu & Veronica Miller Jamison

This book is Schu’s debut, and it is intended to salute the school fraternity and its positive role in shaping kids’ lives. The book has picture illustrations that your young one will enjoy and relate to as they read along. This book is intended to teach your child what values and quality additions come from school.

Schu’s emphasis is that school is a community in which children can grow and celebrate their transformations and achievements. It is also a place where a lot of work goes on among all the players.

Schu puts across that schooling is an almost complete universal experience that signifies various things. There is time to work and play when in school, and it is also an opportunity to be creative and learn how to trust.

A school’s supportive community is more than just what is within the walls. A school is not the buildings, but it is about the people working and learning together. Your child will know that they can make discoveries and ask questions in school. It is also a place where they can learn how to share and help others.

A school is also a place to spread hope and healing despite the fact that the entire community may not be in the same place at the same time.

The message is that it is crucial to listen to every voice in school, everyone must do their best, and the environment should give everyone a sense of inclusion and belonging.

Abdul’s Story, by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow and Tiffany Rose

It can be challenging to explore the topic of learning disabilities among children. Disabilities significantly impact struggling children as they create a social-emotional fallout. However, Jamilah has accomplished the task excellently.

The beautiful and lively illustrations used in this book are also a way to showcase diversity. The illustrator has done an excellent job reflecting the daily experiences of inadequately represented voices in children's literature.

Your child will be engaged by this story, feel empowered, and also be helped to understand and embrace various learning differences.

The book’s story is about Abdul. A boy who enjoys storytelling but also finds it challenging to write them down. The letters he writes do not stay straight but face the right way. He makes attempts to do better, but his papers end up filled with more eraser smudges than the words he wishes to express.

Abdul then settles on the idea that his stories are not meant to be put on paper. That’s until a special visitor visits his class and shows him that even superheroes and the best writers also make mistakes.

Through this experience, he will learn that making mistakes and having disabilities is okay.

A Little SPOT of Learning, by Diane Alber

Learning is challenging and brings about different emotions in a child, and this book seeks to show young learners that they are part of the process. The story is about learning how to manage the emotions that come with the relevant and wonderful experience.

It will empower children to use the feelings they experience for the better good of supporting learning. The book also features beautiful illustrations that children see daily in themselves and their schoolmates.

A Little SPOT of Learning is like a counseling session for children. They will see that even the most prominent emotions can get in the way of learning. But, the primary step to take is not to allow emotions to interfere with the trial of new things. Children will learn how to control their emotions and stay focused on what they are looking to achieve- learning.

This book is an excellent way to introduce children to emotions, something they experience every day but one they may not be familiar with or fully understand. It is ideal for young ones getting ready to begin school and those who have already started.

Teachers and parents can read together with the kids to expound further on issues that children do not understand.

A Letter From Your Teacher, by Shannon Olsen & Sandie Sonke

A Letter From Your Teacher is a book that illustrates the teacher’s role in school and lays the foundation for young children. Teachers are also guided on welcoming new and young learners. The book is written as a letter using a teacher’s perspective. Young students are advised to learn that their new teacher plays a crucial role in their journey. A teacher is someone they should establish a special bond with.

A teacher is not just someone who helps them academically but is also a source of encouragement and provides a caring and safe environment for learning and growing. The perspective offered will help your child feel they can trust their teacher to take care of them and show them the way.

Children will also discover that teachers are also responsible for setting up rules and procedures- an essential part of how they should carry themselves and relate with others.

This book aims at celebrating the unique connection shared by teachers and students. It will also encourage a progressive mindset for both parties in creating a supportive and unified learning environment. The illustrations in the book are also celebratory of inclusivity due to their diverse representation.

Harry Versus the First 100 Days of School, by Emily Jenkins

Harry Versus the First 100 Days of School is a captivating and warm book that depicts the daily experiences of a first-grader in their first hundred days of getting into school. The book is put together using a hundred chapters with vibrant illustrations.

It talks about different happy moments, self-doubts, insecurities, and sorrows first graders face in their first days, and Emily does not play them down. Instead, she excellently and realistically illustrates them in a relatable and funny way.

The story is told from Harry’s journey, but young ones will be able to relate very well to all that he goes through. That way, they can understand that other children also go through similar experiences, and they are not facing a new environment and new people alone. They will learn how to adapt to their new routine.

Harry has his big sister upstairs but is still anxious about starting school. He will learn how to overcome day-one jitters, the meaning and significance of a family circle, and the reason guinea pigs are not really scary. He also learns how to count to a hundred using different ways.

In the first days, he also makes new friends, has time to enjoy and celebrate many holidays, and gets to know how to use words.

He will not be chosen to be the line leader, and there is a boy who says he will hurt him but doesn’t. Just as a first-grader, he will excel and become an expert. This will motivate any young learner to strive to do better.

Children’s Books About School: Conclusion

If you are a parent, teacher, or guardian, check out our recommended children's books with the young ones to enlighten them and help them learn crucial lessons about school and the different things that come with it.

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