Have you ever thought about what would happen the day this world has had enough of our sins? When the toll of our mischiefs finally comes ringing upon us and the day of the reckoning seems closer than it was yesterday?

Seven seals were set to break and on that day four horsemen shall come and judge all that humanity has done.

But what would happen if such horsemen have experienced human life and empathize with that which they’re set to destroy? Would they side with us or would they end us without a second thought?

Come Forth is the journey that will shake your perception of the world and understand that every action, breathe, or sin we partake on will have consequences. As the day of reckoning comes four horsemen shall awaken and each with their own will decide what to with our God’s creation. Some horsemen are disgusted by humanities’ vanity and sins, while others are fascinated by the love and passion humans bring to the table. But throughout this journey not only will humanity's actions come to play but those of a higher power. The sins of our Creator will also catch up with his creation and all the unspeakable will collide. All that’s left is to hence the day of the horsemen and wait for Death, Famine, Plague, and War to enact judgment upon that which they saw created and now they ought to destroy.

What will it be I wonder? And sure as hell I’m eager to find out.


Read online Come Forth: Hence The Day by Alejandro Del Toro Lopez

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