13 Chilling Stories That Will Haunt Your Dreams

A personal message from the author:

So many spooky stories are old and outdated. This book was created to update ghost stories for the modern world. It is co-authored by a 12 year old girl to help inspire young readers with a love for the genre. We hope you enjoy our stories.

— Kerri Lapierre

An eerie voice beckoning from under the stairwell after an innocent game of Ouija summons an arrival;

the long veil of a Victorian woman creeping along the foot of the bed in the dead of night;

a trip to a Civil War-era hospital that harbored unspeakable horrors turns ghastly for two teenagers.

Whispers and Screams brings you thirteen terrifying stories set deep in the heartland of the United States. Tales that summon the past loom its long shadow over the present. These stories etch out spine-chilling terrors, unspeakable mysteries, and hair-raising encounters in a world where the dead are never a distant memory.


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