High income strategy, from your backyard

How to run a high-yield freelance business, from your backyard. A super condensed proven strategy stepping through how to build your own business. Covering mindset, risk mitigation, diversity, our inner struggles, self-development and the differences between a high and low yield business. This book deals with what it takes to make the shift and how to break from convention towards a lifestyle on your terms.

Message from the author
“I wrote this book to empower anyone deciding to start a freelance business. I'm a designer, but the principles are the same for any self-employed business. Having made the step and how it has changed our lives I wanted to create a super-condensed, ultra-compact, easy to read ‘how-to' in becoming a freelancer in order to share the richness both financially and professionally it can offer.

I move through ‘how' to make the decision and how to break from a traditional mindset. What you need to be mindful of and how habits for good or bad influence your decisions and ultimately your success.

Distilled down it was written as I worked and so designed to sit with you as you progress into the freelance world. Being condensed it acts as a quick-reference book making it helpful, not a test of memory. Written from hard-learned experience I hope this guide empowers others to be bold in changing their careers and ultimately their futures.”
— Jonathan Northcott


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