The Last Heiress Book #1

A secret past.
An alluring stranger seeking to destroy her.
A power she must harness and a truth she must uncover to stay alive.

“Dark, mysterious, and suspenseful, this book refuses to let you put it down until it’s fully unraveled.” – Nikki Rae (The Order series)

Emilia never quite understood why her parents refused to talk about their past. She was just a child when they died suddenly, leaving her to wonder about who they really were and where she came from. When an attorney contacts her regarding a family estate matter in Europe, she seizes the opportunity to learn more, and ventures to an isolated village in the Tatra Mountains seeking answers.

Massimino is a sorcerer looking to use Emilia to advance his own powers and seek vengeance on those who banished him centuries ago. He knows she is the last of a powerful bloodline, so invading her dreams, he calls to her, seduces her, and makes her body respond in new, thrilling ways.

Can Emilia uncover her origins and the influence her ancestors once held over a hidden world of mystical forces? They kept the past from Emilia for a reason, but Massimino has found her anyway. Once he has made her fall in love, will she die for him?

Valley of Secrets is the first book in The Last Heiress series by author Morgan Knight, who writes sensual supernatural suspense novels laced with mystery, romance and sorcery. Unlock this intriguing new series—purchase your copy of Valley of Secrets today!

This book is written for a mature audience.


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