The book is a complete guide for anyone with a curiosity about Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins. If you're feeling like all the talk of cryptocurrency is in a foreign language, pick up this handy guide from an expert. Learn about Market Cycles, Margin Trading, the cycles of the Cryptocurrency Market, and so much more.

This book includes the following items below:

  1. Introduction to cryptocurrencies
  2. Bitcoin transactions
  3. Outlook
  4. Background of cryptocurrency
  5. Methodology
  6. SWOT analysis
  7. Cryptocurrencies risks
  8. Cryptocurrencies constraints in the world
  9. How does it work?
  10. What is a Blockchain?
  11. What's mining?
  12. Wallets
  13. How to buy cryptocurrencies
  14. Hoe to use trading view
  15. Complete trading strategy
  16. Candlesticks explained
  17. How to sell short

Start making sense of the jargon, and learn how to invest and manage your own future with cryptocurrency today!

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