A Practical Guide on How Mindfulness Can Stop Anxiety, Cope with Stress, Improve Mental Health and Find Inner Peace

“The book was written in the aftermath of a ‘burnout' suffered by the Author, some time ago. He got through come that period in his life with the help of friends, family and health professionals. MINDFULNESS and some of the practices were suggested as a way of coping with stress and anxieties. He found this of an enormous benefit to himself. Sometime later after starting his author/publishing career he decided to present some of the practical steps and techniques he used during this period.”AWERE FIRST PUBLISHING

Most of the time we live our lives on “autopilot” as our minds seem to have a will of their own. Thoughts come and go, and it seems as though we don't have much say in what thoughts turn up in our head.

Meanwhile, if we were to stand back and observe our mind, we would notice how easily our thoughts skip from one unfinished idea to the next. They constantly interrupt each other and overlap in a constant stream of pictures, ideas, memories, and desires. This is where being mindful will be useful. ie to be in a state of being in the present moment and accepting things for what they are without judgment.

In this practical guide titled “Mindfulness: A Practical Guide on How Mindfulness Can Help You Stop Anxiety, Cope with Stress, Improve Mental Health and Find Inner Peace”, you will learn:

  • how to “take a step back” and observe all these mental activities and all the feelings and impulses that they cause, and begin to separate yourself from their influences to…IMPROVE MENTAL HEALTH
  • You will discover how you can become a relaxed witness to your inner life, and be free from being affected continuously by all your mental activities and by all your judgments about the world and everything that's taking place within it and…FIND INNER PEACE
  • Practical solutions to consciously observe your thoughts and feelings, rather than allowing yourself to swim around in them. The moment you become aware and conscious in this way, you are living in the moment, and not on “autopilot” thereby…COPING with STRESS AND ANXIETY

Some of the explanations you will find inside of the guide include:

  1. the basics of mindfulness,
  2. how to lead a mindful life,
  3. how to have a strong focus on the present, having a carefree mind,
  4. how to make good of each moment, build self-confidence, and most importantly, the most effective mindfulness techniques.

“Mindfulness: A Practical Guide on How Mindfulness Can Help You Stop Anxiety, Cope with Stress, Improve Mental Health and Find Inner Peace” is a life-changing guide that reveals a set of simple yet powerful practices that you can incorporate into daily life no matter how busy you are.

And once you can master the art of “Mindfulness,” you will be able to adapt its use to stop anxiety, cope with stress, improve your mental health and find inner peace.

By gaining control over your hyper-reactive mind state through the gentle discipline of mindfulness practice, you can experience greater and more profound access to your natural inner self, leading to increased awareness and a more profound experience of being.


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