A personal message from the author:

Forget worm holes, time travel, warp drive and hyperdrive, they are Sci-Fi history. Dark Matter Transit is the new way to traverse the cosmos. A believable science fiction. Thanks to an accident a man has been transported to the colossal Qee van Ongle (QvO), a ship constructed by rock flow methods out of asteroids. Read about Terrabot a planet populated entirely by Robots and governed by Machine Law. Take part in massive space battles. 

— Vernon J. Yarker

Hull down behind the moon, the leviathan Qee van Ongle (QvO) at one-hundred and seventy kilometres long, is shielded by the bulk of moon from detection by Earth. The only real evidence of its activity, but far to small to be noted, is a small discanterrain, (discan T) dish antenna erected at the rim of the moon through which they are surveying the Earth's surface.

The ship utilises Dark Matter Transit to traverse the cosmos. Dark Matter obeys its own physics which are not common to our universe. Dark Matter has no dimensions, no length, no height, no breadth, yet it pervades the universe. Because dark matter has no form you do not travel through it as in A through B . . .

This is a newcomer in the world of Science Fiction which lays to rest theories of time travel, warp drive, hyperdrive, and wormholes. People say it is a book that once picked up it is hard to put down, with claims of reading it until the small hours of the morning.


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