Xena is forced to run away when she finds out her boyfriend sold her. After years of running, her past finally catches up with her…

A personal note from the author:

For years I have wanted to write Xena's story but didn't have the time. However, when I started writing it, the words just came out on their own as the story meant so much to me and I was able to write it very quickly.

Read Xena's story. Her fate will intrigue you!

–Hristina Bloomfield

The story follows Xena (the protagonist), who finds herself in the situation of a victim but manages to escape. After her boyfriend is unable to return a loan, she is sold to the moneylender who wants her to work for him as a prostitute. She flees her hometown and tries to start a new life, but her past keeps catching up with her. Xena struggles to find her way as each time she gets to a good place, she has to run again. After months of solitude, Xena finally trusts Agent Dobrevski who helps Xena to face her trauma in order to finally live a normal life. The story begins in a small mountain town in Eastern Europe and ends in Cornwall, UK.

Deeply in the Soul is crime fiction, however it also includes themes such as trauma, grief, romance, action and friendship. Xena’s story is not only tragic but inspirational too. She is a survivor.

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